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What Have We Got in Store for You?

Good morning crafters,

What HAVE we got in store for you? It’s  IndigoBlu!

NOT ONLY do we now stock the mixed media paper stacks, Signature stamps from Limor Webber,  Korma Crackle, Flitter glu, Flitter glu and flake starter pack, stamps by Kay Halliwell-Sutton, English Cottage Artist’s Acrylic Paint, Slim Jims AND Slap it on Glue BUT ALSO, do we have a treat for you. 120 more words

Denim Update #1

The initial idea for The Jean Journey was to document denim, specifically my own denim. To this end I think the beginning of 2015 provides the perfect opportunity to look at pictures and hopefully inspire others to take their denim on a journey. 295 more words

The Jean Journey's first photoshoot

Denim is a dynamic fabric constantly changing, as are things here at The Jean Journey. The past two weeks have seen a second spectacular tear to my elder Slim Jims, although happily I think it matches another tear. 278 more words

How Beef Jerky Changed The World

Beef jerky is perhaps the greatest invention ever, other than the wheel, and maybe dental floss.  You can store it for long periods of time without refrigeration, it’s a common staple in any epic road trip, and it’s always tasty as fuck!   788 more words


Product Review: Primal Strips Mesquite Lime Vegan Jerky

My Great Books I: Introduction to Classical Literature course got seriously wacky. Case in point: we started discussing “meat globes.” If you have no idea what a meat globe is, that’s because my class invented the concept. 302 more words

Aja Frost

Chapter 1, Part 5

5. The Explanation

“You see,” Doctor Umbert began, “our goal was to take a test subject and use our twenty-million dollar budget to improve him or her. 76 more words

Slim Jims, man.

He exclaimed, let’s go to the store. Bloody hell, man. Green fairies, star dust in our eyes. Our stomachs lined with rum. Blood laced with trimethoxyphenethylamine. 547 more words

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