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Celana Training SlimFit Pensil G-988 Putih

Celana Jogger Slimfit Training Olahraga G-988 Putih
Brand : Co Sports
Bahan : Diadora
Warna dasar Putih, warna garis pelipit samping Hitam dan Kuning Emas. Warna bordir logo Kuning Emas. 31 more words


Farklı türlerde zevkinize göre kaban modelleri burada

Beyaz ve bordo renk seçenekleri olan hareketli düğmeleri olan Japon sitili bayan kaban modeli
Bordo renkli simetrik kesimi olan bayan kabanı
Geceliğe benzeyen krem renkli parıldayan bayan kabanı 20 more words

I Got to Meet 3 Young Inspiring Women

Hi again! Last Saturday I was scrolling down my Eventbrite app, and find a quite interesting event nearby at Kemang, South Jakarta on Sunday, April 25th, 2016. 614 more words


003. Current state.

And the last thing before starting is stating the current conditions of myself just to have a kind of starting point.

  1. Physical parameters. I don’t really know exact ones but can bet it’s 65 kg and the height is the same (175 sm).
  2. 258 more words

002. Goals

So, the first thing has to be done: settle some goals to make it clear what I’m heading forю They won’t be those SMART ones. 205 more words


001. Introduction

That’s my intention to create a blog just to make it easier for myself. To help me to categorize all the issues in my damn head. 185 more words


Slim fit shirts do you no favors

After my surgery to repair my rotator cuff, I had to go through several weeks of physical therapy.  My therapist wanted me to improve my posture and work on keeping my shoulders back instead of being hunched over.   269 more words