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Why Slimming World did not work for me...

When I started with a New Year’s resolution over a year ago to lose weight, get fit and generally be the healthy person I had always longed to be, I did it by following the Slimming World diet plan. 992 more words


Blog Resurrection

I think it’s fair to say I am (one of) the world’s worst bloggers. Like so many other good intentions, it was short lived, and other priorities took over. 430 more words


Do you have TMIS.... Too Many Interests Syndrome?

I do! I was thinking about my lack of… lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration etc – and I couldn’t understand why I am so lethargic about everything – I have so many interests, I’m never ever bored and there is always a million things I want to do – so I find myself, for lack of being able to make a decision… doing nothing! 412 more words