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On and off plan is better than not at all!

Hi guys sorry I’ve not updated you in a while. Life is so hectic nowadays! What with a nearly 4 month old and 2 boys in school! 104 more words

Week 60: -0.5lbs & An Apology!

So I may not yet have conquered the mountain but I have moved a few pebbles, pretty glad to have a loss.

But I must also apologise as I have not been very prompt at all with posts or blogging in general, I’ve been busy at work and not particularly well so have been trying to figure out what’s wrong – so apologies! 21 more words


Week 6 Back at Slimming World 

Hello guys! So this week is the start of week 6 at slimming world. When I joined back at slimming world my focus was not weight loss initially. 191 more words

The changes in my life...

It’s been a while, and I know 100% for sure that my old readers will not return to read this, but I feel like it is time for me to have another go at writing. 598 more words

Slimming World

Week 59: Maintain

A maintain is better than a gain they say, and while absolutely true, doesn’t lessen any of my frustrations! But it was likely my own fault I guess and not being as good as possible. 61 more words


Syn free Red onion and garlic dip

Hay guys! Quick recipe time :)

So on Monday I will be going to my first ever taster session at Slimming World, I’ve always avoided them as I hate situations like that, but I feel much more comfortable in group now so I am quite looking forward to it. 246 more words

Week 58: +0.5lbs

I am annoyed to have put on, but my weekend wasn’t particularly great with 2 BBQ’s and lots of dessert (I seriously struggle saying no to cream….). 51 more words