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Slimming World @ Target - Absentee Me

I am sorry for the absences and the lack of updating I just missed quite a few sessions this month due to work and life so just haven’t had anything to post about, and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind really. 87 more words


Getting my head back in it!

Today marks my first day back on plan for nearly 2 weeks!

And my goodness do I need to…

Yesterday I went to weigh in and bare in mind that I missed the week before weigh in, I put on 9.5lbs :( 62 more words

Today's lunch 

Surprise surprise, today’s lunch involved leftovers! Saturday night’s leftovers in fact – well, the rice and sauce, all the chicken was eaten 😂.

I added 2 quorn sausage and a portion of steamed leeks from the canteen….

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It's Monday!

Now I normally greet a Monday morning with as much enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist. This week however, is going to be a great week! 115 more words

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Stick a fork in me... 

The more I cook this dish, the better it gets! Seriously folks, you gotta give it a go…

The garlic bread hit the spot too 😍

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Low syn garlic bread 

One thing I miss with a pasta meal is the garlic bread (and apparently, according to Mr F, much to his amusement, I say garlic bread like Peter Kay! 125 more words

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Dinner prep

Regular followers will know by now that I like to prep my as much as I can in advance so that come dinner time, I have as little to do as possible, allowing more time to sit and drink wine on a weekend 🥂🍷. 95 more words

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