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Feeling the changes!

So on Bank Holiday Monday I went clothes shopping with my BF, and I was a bit naughty as I had a McD’s for lunch – but I offset it later with free food! 178 more words

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Week 22: -0.5lbs down!

Good morning all! After last night’s weigh in I am feeling pretty happy and positive, it wasn’t a massive loss only 0.5lbs but it was still a loss and still a step in the right direction for me. 138 more words

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Pants day

Been a bit of an odd one today. Atrocious weather, backlog of work (colleague went off sick the week before I went on leave and no one picked up any of either of our work 👍🏻) and the monthly visitor has shown herself. 263 more words

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Not sure..

I should bother boring you with my lunch today – it really is boring!

Add to that the rain hammering on my window like I’m in a jet wash and it just about sums up how much I don’t want to be back at work today! 47 more words

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Back to work

I don’t wanna be a grown up 😩 I wish I was little beans age again when I could get away with anything (not that he does, I’m old school and he does as he’s told….mostly) 80 more words

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Best meal of the day!

if you love curry, and are a Slimming World member, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you get their Curry Heaven book!

We made the classic chicken curry tonight, which is a very simple but extremely tasty dish. 164 more words

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Slimming World start of week 19!

Hello everyone. Today marks the start of week 19 at Slimming World for me. I went to weigh in today. Again I am in shock! 163 more words