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Week 6 Back at Slimming World 

Hello guys! So this week is the start of week 6 at slimming world. When I joined back at slimming world my focus was not weight loss initially. 191 more words

The changes in my life...

It’s been a while, and I know 100% for sure that my old readers will not return to read this, but I feel like it is time for me to have another go at writing. 598 more words

Slimming World

Week 59: Maintain

A maintain is better than a gain they say, and while absolutely true, doesn’t lessen any of my frustrations! But it was likely my own fault I guess and not being as good as possible. 61 more words


Syn free Red onion and garlic dip

Hay guys! Quick recipe time :)

So on Monday I will be going to my first ever taster session at Slimming World, I’ve always avoided them as I hate situations like that, but I feel much more comfortable in group now so I am quite looking forward to it. 246 more words

Week 58: +0.5lbs

I am annoyed to have put on, but my weekend wasn’t particularly great with 2 BBQ’s and lots of dessert (I seriously struggle saying no to cream….). 51 more words


Week 57: -2.5lbs!

While I still have a good way to go to recoup the gains I have made over the past couple of months I was very pleased to come in with a 2.5lb loss this evening. 91 more words


Week 55 &56: +1lb & 1.5lb

Sorry I have been in a bit of a funk recently – clearly evidenced by my terrible track of gains. I totally know why. I’m just not being very disciplined at the moment. 224 more words