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to hell with too busy

I was going to join Slimming World next week because I have a lot going on tomorrow, but then I decided to go tomorrow anyway. I’m starting an online photography course in the evening, and I have work at 10pm, but screw it. 316 more words

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history repeating itself

I’ve done this so many times, but more recently I’ve put on a huge amount of weight. It’s time for a new blog, a fresh start and a return to Slimming World. 297 more words

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Slimming World: Week 13 +1lbs

So I put on this week, which I was surprised about as I wasn’t especially awful or heinous over the weekend, perhaps I could have been better but I have been worse before and still lost…So, yes, I am slightly disappointed but I do also feel that it may be to do with the monthly women’s problems as that is soon and I do tend to put on at that time. 71 more words

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Free Food Thursday- "Speedy" Tomato Sauce

Hello Gorgeous!

I’ve decided to bring back “Free” food Thursday! For anyone that doesn’t know I’m a covert to Slimming World and their food optimising programme. 326 more words

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Slimming World: Week 12 -2.5lbs !

So after not being able to go last week as I had a work event I am pleased that I have managed to come back with a loss of – 2.5lbs! 92 more words

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Where have I been? Let's be honest with each other...(TW: ED)

I’m sure you’ve noticed I stopped posting my Meal plans and posting in general. I forgot a few times to take pictures and then I just went binge mad. 383 more words


Beginning of Week 9, onwards and downwards


After quiting smoking beginning of last week, I went fully off plan. I knew that I was going to put on. I was hoping really to put on. 93 more words