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Week 51: +4.5lbs

Totally knocked me for six on this one. It was definitely self inflicted but I feel I have been worse before this and not gained this badly. 138 more words


Week 50: -0.5lbs

Finally, in so long, had a loss. Fair enough not an amazing one but it is still a loss. I was also impressed to come in with a loss after being on holiday. 67 more words


Weigh in 27  Dem Losses - Sarah 

After my gain last week I was so determined to lose the 2lb I gained, and a bit more.

After the week I have had, it’s not realistic, but I did try hard with most of it. 101 more words

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Week 48: +3lbs

I am not that surprised that this happened. It was the monthly and I was definitely not great over Easter, and then I had to miss a week. 139 more words


Low Syn Trifle - Sarah

Hey everyone
This is kind of a part 2 to the last post – the Caulizza.

I made these as dessert. We never make any Slimming World desserts as I am obsessed with chocolate and Aaron is obsessed with crisps. 249 more words

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Sunday in Leicester - Sarah 

Hi everyone!

Today was a bit of treat day for me. It’s one of my best friends’ birthdays and I wanted to actually help her celebrate. 300 more words

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Week 46 & 47: -1lbs off and a missed week!

As I mentioned the previous week was a bit of a farce but I had my book and card this week – which tried to say I had missed a week but I refused to pay and the till ladies were very nice about it as they remembered from last week – and according to the scales I had lost 1lbs so I was pleased with that.I think it was true also as I had been fairly good. 87 more words