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Week 13......

Well….I maintained this week….apparently that’s how it goes when you’re really close to a target…..not surprised though.

Saturday: Weetabix for breakfast. It was a party at SlimmingWorld Club today, so had lots of syn free nibbles. 194 more words

Slimming World

True confessions .........

Ok Ok …..I confess I failed my personal challenge of no booze for October … the Stoptober challenge.

Its been at the back of my mind …niggling at me and slowly crawling to the front when all I’ve done is think about it … failing … and when I let it in all the other things I’ve failed at come flooding into my thoughts. 496 more words


Fatter, not fitter :(

Let myself down on Slimming World this week. Put 2.5lb on. Deserved it…moving along.

Blaming it on a workmate bringing a load of American sweets back from Florida, plus pick n mix at the cinema, plus not swimming as much…oh and a cheeky 4 hot wings froms KFC! 16 more words


Cake for tea (aka the slippery slope)

Today has not been a good day, and I’ve fucked it up totally by eating a slice of cake for my tea. I just didn’t want to eat the Bolognese bake (which we had a couple of nights ago and it was amazing) and there was left over cake on the side, I know I’ve made a bad choice and now I feel sick with a mixture of guilt and sugar overload. 243 more words

One of those weeks...

This week has been One Of Those. The kind of week where everything is just that little bit more complicated than it needs to be. Of course, it’s the last week of the school term, and it doesn’t help that not only are there two knackered children in the house, one who’s just completed her first ever term at school, but there are also two knackered teachers, too, who have been settling in new classes, planning, marking and administrating their socks off for seven weeks! 991 more words


Expectation of a gain

I’m starting this blog earlier today because I already feel like I will see a gain on the scales. Unfortunately that can’t be helped because of limited choices of food surrounding the weekend. 465 more words


Getting FAT again. Oops!

If you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll see that some of them are about my previous weight loss … that 9 stone weight loss that saw me going from this … 475 more words