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Weigh Day Nerves!

I have my first weigh in this evening after what feels like ages away, though I’ve only missed one, as I usually go Tuesday but I am going to a different group tonight so I won’t leave it another full week, and I am feeling nervous. 33 more words


Quark is my New Best Friend

It happened again. I wasn’t getting the results, my weight loss plateau’d and I gave up. I lost control and I went carb crazy. It’s only been about a week and a half but I’ve gained the weight back, and more… 543 more words

Weight Loss

To feel like myself.

That’s why I’m here.

But why, really why? I’m sick of feeling just awful!! I don’t want to be out of breath walking up the stairs to my front door, I don’t want to go out feeling amazing only to see a picture of myself on facebook the next day and think ‘I look disgusting, why did nobody tell me?!’ and finally, I don’t want to feel so negative about myself. 257 more words

Fat To Thin

Pancake Day Yummy-ness!!

I wonder how many hundreds of blog posts have been published in the last 24hrs about pancakes?!  A fair few I would imagine.  I know my reader is full of them.   1,132 more words


Yayy I lost!! 🤗

I did well for my first week I lost 2lbs. Woop, it’s a start I worked out if I lose 2lb every week it will take 14 weeks to reach my goal I can do it so will see next week. 204 more words



I’m starting this blog post waiting for the Slimming World queue to go down. I would be in the queue, but my fellow members have queued themselves into a corner so it’s not actually possible at the moment. 317 more words

Slimming World

Pancake day!! 


Weigh in tonight at slimming world 🙈

If I’m honest I do not think I have lost anything. I’m not feeling well again and felt really sick last night after some sweet chilli chicken I made, so not had much for breakfast, it’s lunch time now so need to try and eat for that, my son is also off school today with sickness I hope there isn’t a bug because I’m back at work tomorrow. 72 more words