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A kick in the ass

Yes. This is what I need. I have fallen off the slimming world tracks for the last few weeks. I could make excuses that my boyfriend was over but really I am just my own worst enemy. 425 more words

Self Confidence

April Fool Teaser

Today is such a tough day for a foodie…

Firstly, there’s all that talk of “white rabbits”, just makes my mouth water! Rabbit stew, rabbit pie, rabbit ragu… The list if edible options are endless! 64 more words

Club ten and decent brownies :)

It’s been a while. Yet again. It’s been a little slow but slow and steady wins the race I’m assured. So I’ve been doing slimming world for 10 weeks and I’ve lost 17.5 lb. 145 more words

“It’s time for you to stop dieting!”

When I was very overweight, it seemed that nobody uttered a word about my size.  However, now I have successfully lost a fair amount of weight reasonably quickly, I’ve experienced a new phenomenon: people coming up to me and telling me to stop dieting.  585 more words


Desktop breakfast

I’ve never been a breakfast person and have always struggled to eat before leaving the house.

memories of school days where, in desperation, my mum told me that it was better that I had “what I fancied” rather than do without. 110 more words

You are what you eat

So… three years later and a degree in hand I felt great, however I did not feel great in regards to my weight gain. I decided I needed to do something about it, so joined up with Slimming World and I cannot express how great this diet is and the overwhelming support ive received from my group. 328 more words

Review: Slimming World Syn Free Sausages

So I was passing an Iceland with a car park (!) when I thought I would go in and and see if they had any of Slimming World’s new ready meals I’ve been hearing about. 152 more words