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Sooooo earlier this week I had an appointment with an endocrinologist at my local hospital for my PCOS. I was originally referred to a gynae last year, but after a follow up appointment earlier in the year I was discharged as I wasn’t ready to start looking into my fertility any deeper. 930 more words


Recipe of the day. Cajun chicken pasta salad

This is a slimming world recipe, the one I tried last night.


  • 460g chicken breasts, boned and skinned
  • 2 tsp Cajun seasoning
  • Low calorie cooking spray…
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The "Greedy Girls' Diet" Revelation

One of my pals found out I was on a calorie-controlled diet last week and lost her shit.

She also found out that I was basically living off tinned soup, shredded wheat and little pots of no-cal jellies. 708 more words

Day 48/weigh in 7

Well a very unexpected 1.5lbs off today, got me this:

7 weeks, 7 losses, 15lbs lost. 44lbs to go.

Can see some differences in the 2 photos. 126 more words

Slimming World

Week 31.......

Ok this week I put on 2lb. I was ok with that, last weeks 3.5lb off was a big loss for me, and considering we didn’t eat or drink properly yesterday, my love of pancakes, I haven’t drunk as much water this week and I was all over the place with my eating due to sorting out dogs and bits that I don’t usually do. 344 more words


Staying on Plan in St Lucia

Most people a week away in St Lucia would sound amazing. The moment it popped up on my roster I was filled with dread.

I started to panic about how I would stay on plan! 495 more words