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Dog training pt 2

So another very long day with an early start to get my son to the station, then after work I had to do dog training. 453 more words


30 Day Challenge #2 - Day Twenty Eight

Welcome to Day Twenty Eight. Today we are back to exercises. You are going to be working for 3 min blocks with 1 min recovery. During the 3 min block, you will be working a ladder system where you increase the number of exercise repetitions by 1 every time. 398 more words


New me..the beginning 

As I have gotten older I have come to realise how much my weight influences my daily life. I have become more aware of the change in my shape and how I am very self conscious with myself..I know I used to be slim size 10 was happy with myself then I had children and found I just let myself go trying to juggle children and daily life isn’t quite as easy as you all think!!!. 240 more words

Not in class...

So today at school the years 6s went to visit a secondary school and see how they work.  A good idea in theory, but someone needs to give me a bit more notice, I was a bit panicked as wasn’t told I was going till yesterday morning.  496 more words


30 Day Challenge #2 - Day Twenty Seven

Welcome to Day Twenty Seven. Today is back to some cardio. We will be working a little longer on the efforts, but don’t panic, you have the ability to do this. 130 more words



So it was weigh in again.  And this time I had a good result.  2 1/2 lbs off! Hooray.  This means I am only 1lb off my 2.1/2 stone award.  295 more words


Autumn Offers

Autumn Offers on SHR (Super Hair Removal) laser hair removal treatments now launching!

25% to 40% off courses of 6 sessions ranging from upper lip to lower legs and everywhere in between! 28 more words