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Weights are the second bane of my life, first is the lack of correction on my phone’s “autocorrect”. Oh, the irony!

That’s right, I highly detest weights because they’re painful sons of beaches who don’t do anything other than sit there waiting for us to pick the slender looking but extremely heavy equipment (that could actually break your arms if not used correctly or with caution) up. 145 more words


Why You Should NOT Go On A Diet

“Don’t you dare touch that pasta!”

“Put those crisps back right now!”

“How many smartpoints are in a Double Decker?”

Is it just me or are those voices in your head too when you decide to go on a ‘diet’ and oh man, diets are tough nuts to crack. 942 more words


And so it begins

I have been trying to lose weight by myself for some time and it just hasn’t worked. I must admit that I haven’t tried exceptionally hard, in fact probably halfheartedly but this week I decided to give Slimming World (SW) a go. 640 more words


Why I Chose Slimming World

It’s one of life’s eternal struggles – you want to lose weight, but you still want to eat your favourite foods. When you love cooking and going out to eat then sometimes it seems like you’ll never be able to find the willpower to drop the excess pounds. 558 more words


Day 11

Happy Thursday! Where did this week go?

Tesco kindly delivered my groceries, so looking forward to cooking this weekend, and I’m going to weigh in tomorrow morning to see if the scales are being king and the effort worthwhile 😬 68 more words

Healthy Eating

Slightly less bulbous?


Now that I’ve got over the blister stage my body has decided to inconvenience me in another area: my hips. My 56 year old hips are protesting vigorously at my prancing about up hill and down dale as if I were a yearling, and they are giving me gyp. 396 more words


All The Beans! 

This is why I love slimming world so much! Eggs were added to this too 😍