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Post 420: Friendly, Wink, Wink

Today is my birthday, and wouldn’t you know it, we hit Post 420! Such an amazing coincidence. And you know what else is amazing? This Craigslist ad about a guy looking for a girl who is 450 friendly and maybe they can grow, ha ha, to be more than friends. 144 more words



A gastropod is a mollusk of the large class of Gastropoda. This class consists of the slimy animals, such as slugs, snails, and whelks. The photo below is of a slug.

Slime Makin's: SEWER SLUDGE

I challenged some Facebook friends to give suggestions of names for different kinds of slime and I said I would make them. Here’s the best presentation so far, I think. :)


Slimy Monday: Ghost Trails!

I was in such an excited mood after the eclipse I came home and mixed up some slime.
This is named after my friend Samantha’sĀ idea, “Ghost Trails”. 8 more words


Slimy Saturday: Making Basic Baking Soda/Saline Slime!

I love making slime. So much that I decided to make it a feature on this site. Today we will go through the most basic, and, in my opinion, the most successful of the slime recipes I’ve tried. 249 more words


Slimy Adventures!

I rarely follow any sort of trend. My clothing should tell you that. But, on occasion something neat comes up that is so odd I have to try it. 121 more words