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The Dark Side

Or, how I learned to put my foot down and hate Star Wars

I wasn’t around yet when Star Wars premiered in 1977. My introduction to the franchise (and I will refer to it as a franchise, not a ‘saga’) did, however, come at a very young age. 2,629 more words

CY LAB Top Luxury Mask Review

Hello Everyone.

Some of you may know that I have recently been asked to review a few Taiwanese cosmetics. Among some of the other masks that I had received is this lovely mask by a brand called Β CY Labs. 487 more words


Bubblegum Smoothie

Bubblegum Smoothie

I am just loving this slime!!!!Β πŸ¦„πŸŒΈπŸ₯😍😍😍😍


Really, BA?

I like Blue Apron – we have it delivered nearly every week. It’s great. I write this blog because I admire Blue Apron and the positive effect it has had on our weekly cooking experience. 101 more words

Blue Apron

Post 292: Get out! The vote.

Well, now we all know the outcome of this amazing (that might not be the right word) election in the US of A. And perhaps this little innocuous Craigslist ad by Sparky had something to do with it. 45 more words



Yes, I’m a snail and I’m slow.Β  But I am NOT slug-ish.Β  They gross me OUT!Β  Besides, as far as I’m concerned, they’re all homeless.


Operation: Slimy

Week two-thirty-eight of Operation Graphite Β – theme: Slimy.

Here is a disturbing concept whose execution was a little rushed. Typically I am pretty excited about any theme where monsters are in play, yet this week has left me feeling a little tapped. 17 more words

Operation After Action Report