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Natto (fermented soy beans)

As a blogger of unusual food, I was looking for something that people in other countries would never want to eat. During my research I found that most people list “natto” as a strange food, so of course I had to find some. 191 more words


My SLOW-aging Secret! #🐌

Wanna know my secret to SLOW-aging?

It’s Sssssss….. 🤫

It’s something SLOW,

something SMALL,

something SOFT, and

something SLIMY!

Watch the video below to find out! 105 more words

Book 2017


Courtesy ; Google

Sikiladi’s collection

Sikiladis’s collection

Courtesy : Google

Sikiladi’s collection

Gone are the gloomy dull boring pathways

Paving way for small bright color displays… 191 more words


Halloween Countdown 2017: Koorven der Poompkin!

Sorry, had an attack of Swedish Chef-itis, there…. Woohoo, folks, I picked out a wee pumpkin from a “patch” I went to on Friday, and at last I had a chance to carve it today! 544 more words


For The Couple Most Likely Although Never Gonna Happen

“Help me,” cried the drone

From it’s ‘neith ground hub

A hide-away hardly a man

would dare slither a glub

But he was no ordinary man… 69 more words


Post 420: Friendly, Wink, Wink

Today is my birthday, and wouldn’t you know it, we hit Post 420! Such an amazing coincidence. And you know what else is amazing? This Craigslist ad about a guy looking for a girl who is 450 friendly and maybe they can grow, ha ha, to be more than friends. 144 more words



A gastropod is a mollusk of the large class of Gastropoda. This class consists of the slimy animals, such as slugs, snails, and whelks. The photo below is of a slug.