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Food Continue

I spoke in the last post about food. And that it bothers me so many people are hungry. I speak to myself. And to the moments in my life. 262 more words


When I was young, my dad used to take me fishing. The place he knew where to go was the pier that extended out toward the bay. 307 more words


Whenever the slimy Jew shows his slithering Hebrew hand – Stab it with your bayonet

Determined National Socialists must be eternally vigilant. In guarding our Nations, extreme dedication is necessary. Always keep your eyes open, constantly scanning your surroundings for the presence of Jew. 68 more words

The Jewish Problem

Post 114: I've Got a Secret

American consumers have gotten used to commercials that don’t really tell you the product being sold. Everything from phones to computers to pills. So it’s no wonder that Sparky thinks that ploy will work best for him. 76 more words

Ninja Chow

Slimy and weird Japanese candy kit

There’s a humongous amount of food kits in Japan, i.e., you buy simple tools and ingredients to make small meals or candy. This one looks really weird to me, in that sense that I don’t think it looks tasty at all. 23 more words


Shkreli already under criminal investigation before he screwed AIDs patients

The world’s most hated man this week could well be Martin Shkreli, whose pharmaceutical company inexplicably raised the price last month of a decades-old drug needed to treat a complex parasitic infection by more than 5,400 percent.

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