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Banana's my FAV!

Since it was the first food that Mommy gave you, or because it was my favorite and then Mommy’s, YOU LOVE BANANAS!  Exhibit A:


Slimy Adventures!

I rarely follow any sort of trend. My clothing should tell you that. But, on occasion something neat comes up that is so odd I have to try it. 121 more words


Slime Tissue

I am 11 year old Shania Diaz. I have been making slime since before it blew up. I started my slime business when I realized people kept asking me to make it for them. 28 more words

How To Make Slime


Okra, or lady fingers as it’s known in some parts of the world, has a bad reputation. If you cook it for too long it can get very slimy. 129 more words


A Fishy Passover Tolerance Lesson

As a child I could get a little rambunctious at the grocery store.  I clearly remember that when my brother and I got exceptionally crazy mom would threaten us.   741 more words

Talisman Toads

Slimy Toad minis from the Warhammer Talisman board game. Models completed 2016. The games artwork for slimy toads are all green, so to make differentiating easier I did three different paint schemes. 52 more words