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A to Z of Sling Myths Debunked Part 1

We have all heard friends, family, colleagues and even random strangers say things about using a sling or carrier which simply is not true. These myths exist usually because of lack of knowledge. 2,044 more words

Babywearing Education

Stretched Shackle

This shackle comes from a customer that I visited once per month. We have had many discussions concerning rigging in that location of the plant. Now that someone has dropped a load and broken a foot, I am being asked to help implement a rigging policy & procedures. 64 more words


Reflections on motherhood #3: the joys of babywearing

This post is the third in a series about my experiences of motherhood and what I wish I’d known before I had a baby. You can see the original post… 3,441 more words


baby wearing and disability

Baby wearing is awesome, but if you have a disability it can be even better. However the most important thing, is to get support in checking out ‘in the flesh’ slings and carriers to suit your circumstances. 417 more words

Rigging Training

Started 2015 with rigging training. Calculating sling angles, sling configuration and most of all calculating how much does this load weigh???


Playing with slings

And there’s another on it’s way! Lets hope small stuff lets me wrap him.. I don’t want to always have to wait until he’s asleep!! 152 more words


Babywearing - why I'm in LOVE with my TULA

TULA….. this is one of my favourite words at the moment (after Oscar!!!) – when I was pregnant I thought “ooh, I like the thought of sometimes being able to carry my baby in a carrier, I’d better get a BabyBjorn……… I don’t wish to offend people that use BabyBjorns, many people I love and trust and respect have them, and I was all set to get one, as that is what everyone has and it’s all one really thinks about when you think about baby carriers… unless you do a little bit of research… then words like Tula, Ergo, Boba will creep in… dig a little deeper and you will fall down the rabbit hole into a whole new world….. 624 more words