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Vero Vellini Launches Its New E-Commerce Website

MOORESTOWN, NJ  (May 17, 2016) — Vero Vellini—world-renowned for its hand-crafted, comfortable slings—launched its new branded website today, www.vero-vellini.com. This new site offers full product information plus the ability for the consumer to purchase directly through the company’s new e-commerce website. 287 more words


Inspired by Pew Pew Pew: Blue Force Gear Uloop

I was tipped off about this awesome piece of hardware by one of my favourite airsoft blogs, Pew Pew Pew. And, in fairness, I can’t say any more about the Uloop than the article which inspired me to buy it. 179 more words


A Letter to my Carried Companion

You are 3 years and 6 months old and growing up fast.
You are my carried companion and it makes me sad to think that the end could be coming soon. 109 more words


Week 27 (and 2 days)

Hello week 27 where did you spring up from. The handy email I receive weekly tells me that if my baby were born now he’d have a good chance of survival. 224 more words


Baby carriers & Slings

We have been using “baby”carriers For about 4.5 years with Both of our boys, it has become less frequent now So I was thinking this is probably a good time as ever to share some of our experiences with the carriers. 648 more words

Baby Wearing & Ring Slinging

M I have to talk about one of the biggest lifesavers for the new mom. The ring sling has started many conversations for me; some moms messaged me asking for help navigating all the different types of baby carriers, purchasing the right one and figuring out how use one safely. 1,136 more words

Joy and Joe monochrome dream, a review.

As a Joy and Joe ambassador 2016 I’m delighted I got to preview this lovely wrap before its general release, details as above. This is Joy and Joe’s first release this year and is much anticipated. 384 more words