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Q&A Guest Post- Maria

I’m Maria, I run Thames Valley Sling Babies and have a husband, two children, aged 11 and 7 and two cats. I home educate one child at the moment, although this often seems subject to change (different child, different schools, it’s complicated!).

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To Be a Sling Dad

To fully explain why slings are for me;
I will write out my story for all to see.

Our journey began with disappointments and frowns; 331 more words


Parenting - A Lesson Lived

It has been a while since my last post on the topic of parenting and so I felt it was the right time to discuss a key lesson that I have learnt during my time as a father – Open mindedness. 1,709 more words

Baby Wearing

Baby wearing: the truth

(1) You will arrive at destination sweating.

(2) Sitting down comfortably is impossible.

(3) Vomit in cleavage: the odds are not in your favour.  A strategically placed breastpad may help. 122 more words


NEW VIDEO: Double Hammock.

In my opinion, this carry is the type of carry that once learned, makes every other carry seem just a little bit easier.

The double hammock is super supportive and really wiggleproof which makes it an excellent carry for long walks or if you suffer from back pain. 36 more words

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Baby Sling-O-Rama! - different types of baby-carrier

Baby Sling-O-Rama?! What sort of title is that? Have I lost the plot?

Yes, I actually think I may have. I am a new mum, I have a colicky baby, husband who works all hours possible, a dog who is sad because she is no longer in charge, and a house that hasn’t been properly cleaned since I stopped being able to see my feet past the baby bump. 977 more words

Baby Products

Babywearing: Baba Sling Lite Review

Pregnancy was tough for me. I did not do any research on how to care for a newborn, even when I was due anytime. I was busy researching on breathing techniques to help cope with the pain during delivery, scaring myself to death by watching One Born Every Minute on YouTube, attempting to sew mittens and fail miserably; anything but reading up on how to care for an infant. 734 more words

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