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100 Wool Felt Baby and Child Slippers Elf Blue

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Rising Star Blue Match Monster Sock Top Slippers Size

Sheepskin slippers can last forever if treated the right way. Ensure that you carefully read the labels of shampoos and cleaners before you buy them because enzyme based cleaners can destroy the wool and leather of your slippers. 333 more words

In Jazzy Toes Slippers Gothic Cross 1218M

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JazzyToes Slippers Gothic Cross BlackWhite 6 12 Months Usa

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Magic of felt

Felting is an old Lithuanian handicraft. My grandmother felted, I am working with felt and my daughter felts wonderful things too.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplicityOfFelt   If you put on felted slippers you will don’t want to take them off.  112 more words