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Inspiration: Take what you need

I came across this poster today – online that is, not in person. It makes me smile, and also contemplate. People take so many of the little things in life for granted. 178 more words

Ritual Peace Run

1. Choose a well-traveled trail near your house. Make sure you can get to it by foot.  Add wildflowers, birds, large trees and running water.  Make certain there is a bridge at the halfway mark long enough for two  prostrate bodies to touch fingertips, but no longer. 220 more words

Lost Slips of Paper

Your professor walks into the classroom on the first day of physician assistant school. He delivers the kind of lecture that stops you from checking your iPhone and Facebook for minutes at a time. 522 more words


Show Your Love Without Emptying Your Wallet

Let’s be honest, is Valentine’s Day is an over-hyped, corporate sponsored holiday.  But let’s be real, if you’re in a relationship, you can’t ignore it.  No matter what you or your sweetie tells you, Valentine’s Day cannot be completely snubbed.  476 more words