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Cobwebs in the Wind - by Christy Adams

There is a hard chair beneath me, and below that a nondescript concrete floor beneath my prison shoes. I am seated at one of those overly simple tables they take me to when I have to talk to my lawyers. 2,663 more words


Frankenstein in Chains - by Mark Berman

Frankenstein in Chains



The old man opens the door to the garden.  It is a struggle, the wet has seeped into the frame, swelling it hard against the door.  1,775 more words


Well-Being - by Don Tassone


by Don Tassone

     I woke up.  I couldn’t speak or see.  But I could hear a woman’s voice.

     “Mr. Douglas.  Can you hear me?” 1,589 more words


Is SLM Back? What's the Deal Here? Submissions UPDATES. - Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Fitzharris Faulk

I recently (today, actually) got a submission to our FUTURE writing prompt from SLM regular, Don Tassone; and it brightened up my entire weekend the minute it landed in my inbox. 953 more words


Remains - by Amanda McLeod


The first time I woke up after, I headed out to the well like I did every morning. I was surprised to find the well full of stars. 644 more words


Racing Roulette Expanded to Super Late Models and Limiteds for Thanksgiving Classic

LUCAMA, NC – Southern National Motorsports Park has expanded the Racing Roulette format, which was implemented for the Late Model Stock Car portion of the Thanksgiving Classic, to the Super Late Model and Limited Late Model divisions. 303 more words


Enhanced SLM driver now standard from HOLOEYE Photonics

HOLOEYE‘s new enhanced electronics driver module is now being supplied with all PLUTO Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) panels, and other models such as LETO. 155 more words

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