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TMC: Are you ready to take the IWMS/SLM data challenge?

This is the situation that many retailers find themselves in; working with disparate systems, or off of Excel spreadsheets, they are now scrambling to make sure they are tracking the right data to ensure compliance to the new regulations and to make insightful and timely business decisions… 132 more words


Land Use and Climate Change on an Island: Chalk and Cheese?

What does land use have to do with climate change? Everything. They are not like ‘chalk and cheese’ like persons may think. How our 166 square miles are managed, directly determines our future on this beloved rock. 600 more words


The Future of Materials Science and Engineering

From the dawn of human existence materials have been fundamental to the development of civilization. Anthropologists define the historical epochs by the materials used by the different civilizations such as the Stone, Copper, Bronze and Iron ages. 228 more words


Measuring Field Service Success: The Essential KPIs

  • “Overall, KPIs should be directly linked to the critical factors that drive the performance of the organization. If the metric is not directly linked to a critical organization success factor, it will probably not be worth the resources and dollar expenditures to collect and process.
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Delivering store lifecycle management solutions with IBM TRIRIGA and eCIFM

Ronda Boles, Fixed Asset Manager at Sonic Drive-In, talks about IBM TRIRIGA. Her team handles the accounting for all of their drive-in assets, and lease accounting. 55 more words


Depreciation as per Provisions of Schedule II to The Companies Act, 2013

For accounting purposes, depreciation indicates how much of an asset’s value has been used up.Depreciation is used in accounting to try to match the expense of an asset to the income that the asset helps the company earn. 2,421 more words

Save the Earth, Dr. Seuss Style

Dear colleagues & friends,

As Earth Day swiftly approaches, I reminisce on the basis of the animated film The Lorax. Who could have put it any better than Dr. 554 more words