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Happy accidents

I’ve been borrowing my friend Tim’s GoPro Hero3, and even though I’ve used one before, I’m just making ridiculous mistakes every time I take it out.  98 more words


New Episode of that Thing

I make videos like this, soon to be like something else. I’m rebranding. I’m the mean time enjoy this art within art.
A new Episode of a new thing with no name that is actually an old thing revised

Day 10 - Bees again

A slo mo video of a bee doing its thing in the afternoon sunshine on the allotment today. Apparently the plant is Comfrey and they were loving it! 52 more words


Photo of the Week: Actually Video

Had some fun with the random lobby art in some hotel while traveling this winter. I keep randomly turning on the slo-mo on my phone but it seems to work…

Exploding Easter Egg Nerf Gun Targets

Today my 11 year old son had to stay home from school because he woke up with pink eye.  Bummer day…or so we thought!  Cleaning the house was at the top of my agenda, but then Micah started playing around with his newest Nerf Gun, the… 174 more words


Slow motion or just, slow?

Ever feel so…restless that everything around you is moving either too slow, or maybe, YOU are moving too fast?

It was 8:10 AM, the alarm hadn’t even gone off yet and I had jolted up from my bed. 170 more words