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Everything is cooler in slow motion, especially swords

Taras and Dima crush soda cans with a sledge hammer and cut others in half with a landscaping sword.


Tricked-Out OLL 35 Slo-Mo (iPhone 240fps)

OLL 35 (fish salad)

L U2′ r2′ F r U’ r U2 L’

I’ve been busy lately. Crazy busy! Family. Kids. Work. Travel. Life. Time to take a break and to emerge from the shadows with another quickie slomo video. 188 more words


Elephants make everything look cool

These elephants live in the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.


This guy takes an epic slow motion snow dive

Cold snow is nothing to this guy. He dives in like it’s a cool pond on a hot summer day.


iPhone 6: Slow Motion (slo-mo)!

When I got my new iPhone 6 in October, I was merely trying to get a new iPhone because my old 4s was in such a sorry state that it was becoming unreliable and therefore unusable. 312 more words


Lujon Magazine presents: "Left in The Dark", by Barbra Streisand

A seasonal, much darker version of the golden classic.
Who knew Barbra had such an edge?!

By Matteo Sarti