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Shane Battier on Carmelo Anthony: 'Last two years I guarded him, he did exactly what the scouting report said he would'

BOSTON – Shane Battier is the poster-boy where advanced analytics are concerned, and had a reputation during his playing days of being one of the game’s more knowledgable defenders, taking in as much statistical information as possible in order to help him gain a competitive advantage. 396 more words


Daryl Morey believes two bad shots are better than one good shot (always), but data wasn't significant enough for Jeff Van Gundy to change

BOSTON – There was a time when Rockets general manager Daryl Morey believed that getting two bad shots was better than one good shot — always. 570 more words


Shane Battier: 'I think a 60-game season would be perfect'

BOSTON – During All-Star weekend, one of the things Adam Silver said he wanted to focus on in his second year as commissioner was reducing the wear-and-tear on the players… 492 more words

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Jeff Van Gundy to Daryl Morey when he flinched at using analytics to make a decision: 'Either you believe in this sh-t or you don't'

BOSTON – Jeff Van Gundy was the head coach of the Houston Rockets from 2003-07, and along with Daryl Morey as GM and Shane Battier on the roster, those teams have been credited with being the first to use advanced analytics to make decisions more than any other, and pushing the statistical movement into the spotlight. 218 more words


Shane Battier says peer pressure is more valuable than coaching in the NBA

BOSTON—Shane Battier doesn’t believe coaching is the most important factor for success in the NBA, it’s peer-to-peer accountability. At least, that’s what he said on Friday morning at a panel on basketball analytics at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. 196 more words

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