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Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

You cleaned up. Yes, you did! Ah, success!
Things were tidy at last, more or less.
You’d accomplished your goal–
pretty much, on the whole. 15 more words

tim horton's hubbub

i read in the news lately that tim horton’s and starbucks have been lying to customers about how they are recycling their disposable paper cups, and people are outraged about it. 223 more words

Sick doodles

I’m all gross and phlegmy today and it’s hot, bad combo. So I decided to go get icecream and do some doodles.


The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Part 2

Part 1 is here.

So now that everyone knows the components of a bed, we can talk about putting it all together into a scrumptious mass of comfort and relaxation. 513 more words

How To

The Art of the Heel

I may have mentioned this before so bear with me. A few years back I was having a breakfast meeting in NYC with a private equity guy (trying to raise money for RingTales). 46 more words


The art of parental consequence

“Mom, have you seen my monologue for the school play?” My 15 year old son, Levi, asks in a quasi panic mode. “No,” I reply. “Did you leave it on the floor of your room?” 482 more words


Donald Trump slams Rosie O’Donnell in first GOP debate

CLEVELAND — Donald Trump’s latest reality show roared into Ohio Thursday night.

Within a few minutes of his first debate as a Republican presidential candidate, Trump refused to rule out a third-party run for the White House, ridiculed comedian Rosie O’Donnell and griped about his treatment by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. 145 more words