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Back to DC. Back to Work. And The Slobbing of America!

Bonaparte just left to get Chippy from his overnight stay at PetSmart’s Pet Hotel and we arrived home a little while ago from DC.

Our overnight getaway was a combination of a Valentine’s Day gift and a celebration for my new job.  2,190 more words

My Angst....

Being one of those “neat freaks”, living with people who are the exact opposite is difficult. My neatness has had to be toned down to keep all concerned from being driven crazy. 293 more words

Gym Goers...

I go to the gym the odd time to stay in some sort of shape. I love the gym, I love being in the gym, working out, and the feeling you get after each session is great! 523 more words

Things That Frustrate Me

Generation Slob

Are we raising a generation of slobs? I’m asking this question after I had a somewhat depressing discussion with my teenage daughter. Her high school had to suspend “North Time” which is an hour in their daily class schedule where students can eat lunch, get help with school work, and have club meetings. 595 more words

Raising Slobs

25 Signs Adulting Isn’t For You

  1. You only clean your apartment when guests come over
  2. By “clean” you mean “shove everything under the bed”
  3. You’ve accidentally used body wash instead of shampoo…
  4. 333 more words

prosthetic good looks

yesterday i saw a lot of physically revolting people in duncan — giant obese people, short ugly troll people, white trash with pants falling halfway down their asses, mouth breathers, etc. 182 more words