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Live From Mom's Basement: The Scourge of Internet Trolls

I haven’t had a real good troll rant for a while on this blog so I think that today is a good day for it. Dating back to my days blogging on the Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic site, I have dealt with each of the troll types that I list below. 1,142 more words

Am I a Mean Mom?

Good Morning All! Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I’m up to.

Considering the title of this blog and my posts, some of you will feel that I am a mean mom and truthfully, compared to what is offered up as parenting advice, the evidence would clearly back that up. 732 more words



SNP leader and Scottish First Minister has admitted she ‘slobs around the house’ with her hubby after a day of work is done.

She made the revelation on an episode of ITV’s ‘Loose Women’, broadcast Monday 11 May. 12 more words


Writing 101: Response to the Responses to an MSN Fluff Article

Today we are tasked with writing 400 words, or more in 15 minutes on whatever we want.

I wasn’t jazzed about this assignment, really how much fun could this be? 519 more words

Tips from a Reform(ing) Slob

This is not a confession.  Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a slob.  But I want to be a reformed slob, a once-was slob.  I really do. 392 more words


Self Portrait as Harmony as Symphony

We stare with each other
and the crowd looks at
us to sing, bright skin,
blue dresses on you, three
shades, one gun, one guitar… 52 more words