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The Sloe Harvest and Making Sloe Gin

Frost! Frost and I have quite the love/hate relationship. We’re not the greatest of friends as my garden struggles through winter and I do my best to take extra care of my plants, sometimes to no avail. 479 more words

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Sloe Gin

I bring you another foraged recipe. I can’t quite pinpoint the obsession with wild food. I think it’s the idea of getting something for nothing that has been growing all year naturally by itself, made all the more exciting by the fact it is only available for a short period of the year. 296 more words


Spirits 'n' Sprites: Lightning in a Bottle

A gamer walks into a bar…

…and asks for Lightning in a Bottle.

Welcome back to Spirits ‘n’ Sprites, a temporary bar set up and maintained by AmbiGaming! 369 more words

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Sloe gin for the win!

It’s beGINning to feel a lot like Christmas… 719 more words


My rough guide to making sloe gin!

In autumn hedgerows are rife with fruit, and the abundance of sloe berries from the common Blackthorn tree provides easy pickings for foraging. However if you’ve ever tried eating one, you’ll be all too familiar with the bitter dry taste left behind in your mouth, and so you might wonder how they can be of use… 62 more words


Feasts and foraging

Hello blog! Wow, it really has been quite a while since I posted anything – it seems that long sunny days and blogging just don’t mix for me. 834 more words

Sloe gin while you can

If you’ve got an empty bottle, a blackthorn bush, probably best to get some gloves too and it’s looking like autumn, you’ve got all the ingredients to make sloe gin. 310 more words