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Someone must have told the Trumpster how to use saying” “don’t change horses midstream” in the midst of a war he has created as a political slogan. 28 more words

Jim Schmid's Trail Quote of the Day #1309 - May 14, 2019


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How to Keep Your Business Focused Through the Subtle Danger of Mission Drift

Life is full of good opportunities.

Good books to read, good events to attend, good projects to pioneer. But good things can knock us off track in pursuing the very best. 593 more words

Business Development

2163. St Werburghs tunnel (73)

Another first, but certainly not the last from an artist who does something a little different from the usual fare we see on the streets. This framed slogan or saying is by  #DFTE, who is a Bristol-based artist who places these little gems to carefully thought out places in the City. 95 more words


The French National Identity

The French National Identity

In 1864, an inspector of education, touring in the mountains of the Lozere, asked the children at a village school: ‘In what country is the Lozere situated?’ Not a single pupil knew the answer. 868 more words

World Cultures

QQ: It's All In The Brand Name right?


QQ: It’s All In The Brand Name right?

So, how did you come to select your blog’s brand name and your running tag? What processes went into the selection process? 294 more words


Dear Politicians, Let's Talk Basic Communications

Now that the provincial election is over, I can make note of a couple very basic communication issues I’ve come across in the weeks leading up to said election. 1,043 more words

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