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Recipes for Writers (& Other Busy Folk) | Sloppy Joes

I may be breaking some kind of rule here. The recipe I’m sharing today is a family recipe. I stole it from my mom and I’m giving it to all of you. 190 more words


5th and wine!

I had found a Travelzoo.com coupon to allow me to eat $30 of food for the cost of $15 at 5th and wine in Scottsdale, AZ. 189 more words

Good Eats

A Random 1950's Meal

Well, here is an interesting 1950’s lunch.

I decided to cook from the Record Book, so I opened up the book, and found the most interesting recipe:  Sloppy Joe Franks.  151 more words

Vintage Recipes

Stop Eating Your Posts

Look, I get that you want us to see how wonderful the inside of your cupcake/pretzel/white chocolate Nutella peppermint bark brownie is. You made it, it’s tasty, you’re proud. 235 more words

Trends That Need To Die

Sloppy Joe Never Tasted So Tropical!

Hawaiian Sloppy Joes

Here’s a simple recipe that will put you in summer mode no matter what season you’re in. If you’re a lover of regular sloppy joes, then you’re gonna love this sweet and tangy vegan version! 210 more words


Sammich Pr0n

I uploaded this photo the other day but the post was getting long so I left it out.  Today works for me.  Sloppy joe with American cheese all melted in and pickled peppers.   9 more words


Sammich Pr0n

Sloppy joes are an old standby.  I usually brown the beef with chopped onions and add whatever comes to hand for a sauce – easiest is adding a favorite BBQ sauce but I rarely stop at that.   131 more words