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Proximity is Everything

Since lovers are rarely linear, the next man in this ongoing saga has already appeared. I worked in much closer proximity to Number Ten than Number Nine. 1,129 more words

Choir Preaching

If there is one thing I hate it is preaching to the choir.  I don’t care if I’m the preacher, in the choir or just an innocent bystander.   558 more words


Recipe: Turkey Sloppy Joes (and a story)

It’s been decades since I have had a Sloppy Joe sandwich. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I will anyway – one of my brothers is named Joe. 426 more words


Depression at Denny's - The Underwear Grrrls

artist: Depression at Denny’s
title: The Underwear Grrrls
keywords: acoustic, bedroom pop, indi, lo-fi, poop, pop, queer, sad, sloppy, San Diego

Depression at Denny’s is a bedroom pop project by some kid named Annie. 204 more words


we're blowing up

dont ya just LOVE it when youre getting somewhere in life, we just got our first comment, thanks guys and have a nice afternoon



sparkin' up

dont ya just hate it when youve bought a solid 8 grams for ya sen, then youre mid smoke and you realise the bloke down that dodgy street sold you tea.



Kalahari Sloppy/incompetent Service Part 1

Firstly I would like to apologize to all my curly girls subscribed to my blog. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the atrocious service that I have received from online store; Kalahari not once but twice in a row, I would certainly define as desperate time calling for a desperate measure. 349 more words