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Charade Honey Workshop Today

Day one was lovely but I wasn’t really up to it.  I was a bit sloppy, droppy and trippy LOL nothing that a long nap and some dinner didn’t fix though, almost.  63 more words


Sandwiches: Turkey Sloppy Joes

4.6 / 5 Stars | 49 Reviews by Rebekah97 “Red pepper flakes give these tasty turkey sandwiches a little zip.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews

Pax Prime Costume Progress Update Number OH SHIT IT'S NEXT WEEK

If you recall this handy little graphic I posted some time ago while rambling about buying crap on ebay, we’re in the “all the work while crying” phase of the creative process. 305 more words


Casseroles: Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese

4.32 / 5 Stars | 27 Reviews by ReneeW. “Two classic comfort foods combined to make one hearty and very satisfying casserole.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews

What to bring to someone's House as a gift

You know the old way of doing things, you get an invitation to a dinner party or someone’s house and you think, I have to bring a gift, it is simple courtesy and the polite thing to do. 376 more words

Is there a wedding on the Horizon...

o i have been with Jordan for almost 6 years.. Hes my moon (because the moon controls the tides.. He so knows how to work me.) back in 2012 he proposed.. 317 more words


Itty Bitty Skort

Yeah, so I bought a tiny skort today. And socks too.

I also wore a hoodie for the first time in what feels like at least a month because it got cold. 1,215 more words