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This was a strange, strange film. I enjoyed the surreal moments but as it wore on I realised the lack of cultural sensitivity was really bothering me. 813 more words

Anne Hathaway

Well That Was Hard Work !!

A race weekend at Antur Stiniog, when we arrived it was raining and the forecast said it would  rain until 2pm and rain it did, thinking about it now I think it might have been better to wait it out but I was on the first up lift and away up the hill, the top of the track which I’ve ridden before was no problem, but the new part on Bendy G track was horrendous wet, sloppy, snotty and like a skating ring, there was zero grip people were coming off every where including me, I had my Conti Kaiser’s on and I couldn’t stay upright, so dad put my Conti Mud King on the front which did help a lot I managed a few complete runs, then some offs again, people were complaining every where, but as dad kept saying “it’s the same for everybody ” the pic below is after one run. 287 more words


Sloppy Quick Pic

Something that I did (sloppily and quickly) whilst waiting for something to finish.


Confessions of a (chronically ill) graduate student

Unexpected benefit of not picking up all your clothes from the floor, #1: When you knock over a bottle of water taking meds, there’s already something there sopping it up.


3m Hooks might be God. and my enjoyment for washi Tape containers

Check Out that fine placement of a purse in my bedroom.  The purse pisses me off in general: its floppy and can’t hold anything up. And its never where I want it to be, just like, uh, everything else in my life. 172 more words


Y is sloppy grammer bad?

Y is sloppy grammer only bad? Dosent that make things faster at the same time? Isnt today’s society requiring speed in everything?

My Own Thinkings

Whachu know about Totes?


CLEVER, Much? O.K. For someone who admittedly doesn’t get out much, this is my newest exciting breakthrough in fashion. 103 more words