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Fossil Friday - Paramylodon skull

Even if a bone is lucky enough to be preserved as a fossil, time is not always kind. There are numerous ways a bone can be altered after burial, including being smushed by the weight of overlying sediment. 170 more words

Fossil Friday

The last photos of my daughter's birthday surprise... and the cute sloth...

We have reached the end of our adventure, in which we surprised Mollie, my younger daughter, on her 18th birthday, by taking her to an animal sanctuary in Los Angeles. 157 more words


Sloth… not just the sixth deadly sin… part 2...

That might be the cutest picture in the history of pictures.

I know, this is sloth overload, but I couldn’t bear to throw any of these pictures away. 59 more words


Costa Rica: There’s more to sun destinations than just sun and beaches, there's nature

The #1 reason three generations of our family spent March Break in Costa Rica this year was because our grandchildren wanted to see monkeys in their natural habitat. 769 more words


Sloth... not just the sixth deadly sin...


Sleepy sloth!

Sleepy, hungry sloth!

And we got to pet it!

Oh, yeah!

That was an awesome day… and look, he is holding his own arm like a tree branch. 22 more words


How to make your kid cry... but not in a bad way...

Yes, we made Mollie cry… and yes, her boyfriend is filming it… for their new YouTube show… the one I already put a link to in an earlier post about her exciting surprise birthday trip to the animal sanctuary. 87 more words