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Begin Again.

I have a new fascination in life.  Lately, I’ve become rather compulsive about throwing away and recycling as many things around the house as I can.   310 more words


Feeding the Sloth

Everyone has that one co-worker. That guy (or gal) who is just too weird for words, who you try to tell your relatives about but they just don’t get it unless they work there, too. 598 more words


Friday Five- Sloths from Space!

Why do short weeks feel so long? I was off Monday so I spent the day absorbed in various space adventures and writing poems about space. 386 more words

Video Games

Unique, innovative, interesting - and likely to make an impact!

Oh, such a pain having to fill out all these forms – Remembering, Reconciling, Presenting, Imagining and Celebrating – these are the official themes for… 338 more words


The Amazon for Western Idiots

Ask yourself: What should I see in South America? If you are a normal person who is home to a normal brain, the first words to pass through your lips should be ‘The Amazon’. 1,905 more words

I don't know what I'm doing.

I have a whole mission statement here, and a back story for why I’m restarting this blog after eight years, and a myriad of other things I have to tell you in order for any of this to make sense. 88 more words

Flailing Through Life

Slothly Ruminations on Human Behavior – Part Two

  Les Sloth, Guest Contributor

Conventions are very strange things. For example, they are very boring. At least this one is. The beautiful, talented people are actually competing against each other. 564 more words