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Zootopia Trailer Steals Routine from Bob and Ray

Here at Let’s Stay In Tonight, we usually stick to the world of home video releases as opposed to movies coming to theaters. However, I felt it necessary to be among the first (but certainly not among the last) to comment on… 145 more words


Costa Rican getaway: 3 fun ways to see wildlife

Editor’s note: We’re taking some time for rest and relaxation. While we’re away, we’re reposting our Costa Rica getaway series. Enjoy!

One of the best things about a vacation in Costa Rica is the chance to see wildlife that you normally only see on television. 1,231 more words


Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Well, here it is! My first post from Central America!  Very excited to be in Costa Rica.  It has been at the top of my travel wishlist for a very long time. 908 more words

Infographic Project

My infographic project was created through Piktochart.com and with Adobe Illustrator.  I shared the project through my WordPress blog account.  The only outlet I used for this project was through my LinkedIn account, which is linked through my WordPress account.  17 more words


How Animal Poop Makes the World Go Round

Tens of thousands of years ago, giant land animals roamed the Earth. And these animals—woolly mammoths, giant deer, sloths the size of elephants—would often take breaks from their roaming to deposit vast piles of nutrients on the ground.   9 more words

Sloth for Husband Exchange Program. This should be a thing.

My devastatingly loud poor, lovely husband has had bronchitis in the last week and although I feel bad for him, the snoring has reached epic proportions; rivaled only by that of wild bears in the dead of winter and a chain saw hooked up to the speaker used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. 60 more words

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