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Travel Wishlist Part One. Not a Bucket List

I hate the phrase “Bucket List”.  I’m assuming it became a shortened way of saying “these are all the things I want to do before I kick the bucket / shrug off my mortal coil / die”.  738 more words


Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

It’s now over a year since I set off with nothing but a suitcase (there are Olympic gymnasts who weigh less than my suitcase did..) and a rucksack to Chile, so I’ve started feeling very nostalgic about the fact that my year abroad, a year I’ve been thinking about since I was about 14, is well and truly over. 698 more words

Year Abroad

Cahuita, my first taste of the Caribbean

Cahuita was not a part of my original plan for Costa Rica.Long story, but I ended up here after some other plans changed.

Cahuita is a tiny town on the Caribbean coast.  809 more words

Sloths' mysterious teeth decoded

Like most mammals, we humans have a variety of tooth types for different purposes: incisors, for gripping, canines for ripping and tearing, and molars (also pre-molars) for grinding and chewing. 228 more words

Anatomy Snippet

Slow and Steady Wins Big on a Cocoa Farm in Costa Rica

At FINMAC, an organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified cacao farm in Costa Rica’s Atlantic region, it’s not uncommon to see a mama sloth hanging from one of the monorails used to transport cocoa pods, inching her way along with a baby sound asleep on her belly. 488 more words


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This illustrates how it is possible to farm profitably and sustain the environment including wildlife.