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Costa (Lot) Rica

Compared to everywhere else in Central America, Costa Rica is very expensive. With this in mind we decided to travel through quite quickly. As Dom’s ankle was still giving her trouble, we decided against the big national parks where hiking would be the main activity. 1,617 more words

The wild Animal side of Costa Rica

Costa Rica was the perfect country to find oodles of animals.  Whether we were camping on the beach or deep in the jungle we would hear or see wild animals all around us.   665 more words



It’s that time of the week, aka Tuesday, for another new Adventure! So let me get us going if you don’t mind.

This week I’m backtracking it a bit to my journeys last summer (which you may be familiar with) when I found myself down in Ecuador. 336 more words


While reading “Unflattering” by Nick Sousanis I cam across this quote, “The prevailing image of thinking is all in our heads, while we remain still in the body.” When I read this I immediately thought of sloths who always seem still in their body and I hypothesized that maybe the reason they are so slow and lazy is because of how smart they are. 34 more words

a walk, a sloth and some fruit

We were sitting at a picnic table playing cards on a humid afternoon with another volunteer, Michael, when Guillermo, one of the farm owners, suddenly asked “Do you want to go see the sloth?” Rule of life, when a smily farmer asks you if you want to go see a sloth, you drop everything and you go. 156 more words


Misunderstood Sloths and Slothery

My favourite animal has long been the 2 toed sloth, with a top speed when chased by a predator of 0.5mph. You don’t get more laid back than that, but if they are so inefficient, how have they managed to survive? 536 more words

No Sleep Til Belfast

I’m loving the night, beyond the noise and activity of the day, cocooned safely within my little spaceship.
I breathe in, breathe out, smoke a fag, drink tea and watch Star Trek. 89 more words