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No Bullshit, Just Sloths

I realized this morning that if I insist upon making my daily reflections on gratitude only about being grateful for the heavy, hard, and uncomfortable stuff, I am very quickly going to suffocate under the weight of my own pretentious bullshit. 175 more words

Cute Animals

Male Sloth

This sloth was found by the Venezuelan militia, brought to our group and released the next day with the support of InParques, in National Park San Esteban.


I fell down a Sloth Hole....

I fell into a hole of sloth videos for awhile…
Here are some of my favorites. 41 more words



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I’m a cansloth myself. What are you?

by Meg Scanlon

Meg Scanlon

Yagrumo Tree

The yagrumo tree is the main source of food of sloths. When releasing a sloth back into the wild, this tree is a key factor in picking the right spot.


Have A Happy Slothy Mother's Day

The Honolulu Zoo welcomed their first newborn Linnaeus’s Two-Toed Sloth on April 21st!

(From ZooBorns, sent by Maureen P.)

Bonjour, Autumn

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all having a great Mother’s Day.

I haven’t made a post in a very long time but now winter is coming, as Jon Snow often says, and I’m a bit excited about all the fresh options to wrap up in. 192 more words