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Costa Rica: Day 5-Sloth Sanctuary Insider’s Tour

After changing rooms at Banana Azul the previous afternoon, on Day 5 of our trip, we spent our first glorious morning in the Howler Suite. At about 6:00 AM, I first skipped down a flight of stairs in my PJs to the empty restaurant below, and filled up a big mug with Banana Azul’s crazy strong ‘crack’ coffee, and brought it back to our private balcony for maximum enjoyment. 1,443 more words

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Costa Rica #Recap - Part 3

I’m back with the final installment of my trip to Costa Rica. It’s been really fun remembering it all. I know I’ve probably left some things out, but it’s been great keeping the memories so fresh in my mind. 1,513 more words


False Facts About Sloths - Which you have been told are true!

The cutest of the cute

So not only have I heard a ton of ridiculous things about Sloths which are completely untrue but publications have also come out to say things that are completely wrong. 682 more words


Apparently, sloths are quite gross

Sloths are really interesting animals. They live in the Neotropics (parts of Central and South America), hang in trees, eat leaves, and move really slow. They generally only come down to the ground to go to the bathroom, which seems like a lot of work when they could just let it fall from the tree, but to each their own I suppose. 267 more words

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Sloths & The Pet Trade in America

In the Middle East there are plenty of instagram accounts where the Middle Eastern rich have a crazy array of pets. But they are not alone in this, it’s certainly easy over there but in the US it is just as simple (state dependent). 779 more words