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Who Else Lives in Costa Rica? Sloths!

Costa Rica hosts both the Two Toed and the Three Toed sloths.  These slow tree dwellers appear greenish grey from the algae that grows in their fur and provides camouflage.   85 more words

Costa Rica

And Let's All Recite Rule #45, OK?

All together now: Any animal with the word “pygmy” in it is cute.

So of course, we’ve got TWO of ’em for you today, with thanks to Grace at the… 21 more words

Let sloths rule the world

Hey freaks,

It has been an eventful week and and weekend. The Giants game turned out to be alright. Don’t worry, I didn’t get beaten up. 431 more words


Top Animal Video: Sloths Eating

What is a Sloths favourite Vegetable ?

Take a look at the video.  He doesn’t seem to like one particular vegetable and I don’t blame him.  6 more words


Day 11 | May 16th | Amazon Rainforest

The adventure began on our way to the jungle. We were driven in a van about an hour from Iquitos to a port town further upstream. 540 more words