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Fossil Friday - Harlan's ground sloth femur

There are three different species of ground sloths known from the Pleistocene Diamond Valley Lake fauna. By far the most common of the three is Harlan’s ground sloth, Paramylodon harlani. 228 more words

Fossil Friday

17th April: relaxing in Emmanuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Emmanuel Antonio is quite spread out along a coastal road. You have the main town, but then here is a road that stretches for about 8km that is lined with hostels, hotels, restaurants and the likes. 1,013 more words

Publications and sloth

No, I am afraid you won’t get a picture of a sloth engaging in upside down cuteness on these austere pages. But here is one of some dogs. 312 more words


Suriname: A Dry Easter with Sloths

Tuesday 24 March to Wednesday 15 April 2015

travellingross rating = 9/10

Still in Costa Rica, the newly tyre changed rental car made it to the petrol station on the sniff of an oily rag where I fuelled up and returned the car. 614 more words


Mid-Week Links: Model Sloth Edition

(Every Wednesday, I will try to do my best to share with you guys some interesting links related to ecology, evolution, biodiversity, and more. Plus: a bonus mp3 for your lab-listening pleasure!) 92 more words


What's in a name?

Sloths were officially first discovered by the charming George Buffon in 1772, he described them as “the lowest form of existence” and that “one more defect would have made their existence impossible”. 740 more words


Sloths Everywhere

Imagine….Always. It is amazing how no matter what the environment you’re in or task you happen to be doing, you can become complacent and routine in your observations. 458 more words