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Sloth Moth Greenygreys for Camouflage

My star of the fourth and last episode of Ingenious Animals was the sloth, as it greenygreys for camouflage, according to the presenters anyway. However, despite loving the programme, sloths and moths, I have to question/criticise part of the genius assumption. 232 more words

Sloths are too good for this world

Too pure. Too good. Sick of this election cycle and, by proxy, most of your extended family? It’s okay. We still have sloths.


Can bears go to Costa Rica?

James-Robin the bear had always dreamed of going on adventures, but for a little bear, it was hard to make his dreams a reality. It was hard to go anywhere without being trampled by the crowds. 362 more words


Manuel Antonio National Park

On this day we would have been going to a different part of Costa Rica but time told us other wise but what can I say I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this rich National Park. 173 more words


Sloth Defecation - Why Only on the Ground?

Photo Credit: Martha de Jong-Lantink: Flickr 2012

Chances are you’ve never considered how or when a sloth defecates. It may seem like an incredibly dull topic, one best left to the depths of a textbook. 704 more words

Animal Behavior

Going on Submission (Now With Scorpions)

The first rule of Sub Club is you do not talk about Sub Club. So there’s not as much out there about the process as there is about querying. 886 more words