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Slovakian hike journal, day two

After the easier warm-up the previous day, I had something slightly more difficult ahead for the second day: the very long walk towards the ‘Hladké sedlo’ pass on border of Slovakia and Poland, which is (legally) accessible only from the Slovakian side. 1,068 more words


"Study: [Czech/Slovak] conspiracy sites sell millions in ads annually" - my thoughts

This afternoon the Nadace Open Society Foundations (OSF) released a study (Czech only right now – Google Translate is your friend) outlining how 122 Czech and Slovak disinformation websites, by their analysis, make anywhere from €920,000 to €1.24 million a year in advertising revenue. 654 more words

Czech Republic

Amazing street art in Kosice: Slovakia’s city of culture

What connects an army barracks, a swimming pool and a tobacco factory?

Well, in Kosice they are three examples of clever Slovak recycling: turning old, disused buildings into venues for exciting, creative, cultural ventures. 1,114 more words


Do it like they do on the discovery channel..

Hey there! 👋

So we made our to Slovakia to meet up with Nicola’s friend. We met at Nove Zamky train station which translates roughly to Newcastle. 193 more words

The Blue Danube

While Strauss may have penned a little tune to that effect the colour of the river we were cycling beside was brown and turbulent, generally fast flowing and is host to a stream of traffic from river cruise ships, industrial barges and an overwhelming number of cycle tourists. 512 more words

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