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Denmark considers sending asylum seekers to Austria and Slovakia

The Danish People’s Party believes that Denmark should consider striving for a bilateral agreement similar to the one recently reached between Austria and Slovakia, where asylum seekers will be housed in Slovakia while waiting for their cases to be processed. 569 more words


Uhuru by Catarina Simão

© Catarina Simão, 19×28 cm, 96 pages, black and white images + texts, sofcover, graphic design by Magdaléna Scheryová / apartlabel.sk, published by APART Label and tranzit.sk, edition of 203, 2015… 463 more words


Me. Or her? Which one are they exactly protecting?

I called the child welfare today. There are four reasons why it sucked.

1. The person in the phone didn’t speak English. My call had to be forwarded about a million times before I could speak to anyone. 292 more words


Bratislava Between the Streets

kismet n. Destiny; fate.

For nearly four days, I had lived luxuriously with three square meals a day, private bathrooms, and a comfortable quiet place to sleep. 3,525 more words


EU Day 16: Riding Vienna (AUT) to Bratislava (SVK)

Today’s ride was very straightforward, it was probably the straightest and flattest route I’ve ever taken. After cycling through the nudist section along the Danube River, nothing else really happened. 524 more words


This is insane.

Mum’s not turning back to normal. She’s been like this since Sunday night now.

She doesn’t work anymore, she doesn’t do anything around the house, she doesn’t go out. 419 more words


Country fun facts: study magic in Poland, learn about Hungarian sex life and go to jail in Slovenia

Alright, that’s all folks! We have now come to the last stop on our journey across the most unbelievable details about our respective countries. We hope you have enjoyed this section (the highlights of which are also included in the Who’s Who Book, if you haven’t noticed;)) and learnt a lot of useful information that you can quote in order to appear even more nerdy than you normally do. 1,600 more words

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