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Super Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

How to ‘pull’ through revision?

The answer is good food and your favorite people.

In Canterbury we have a local restaurant called Pork&Co that does amazing pulled pork burgers. 614 more words


Roast Pork Leg

Recipe notes: The crackling will make you forget you’re eating it with salad. If the crackling doesn’t turn out, blast under the grill at the end or even cut off and fry face down in oil. 368 more words


BBQ Pulled Pork with Avocado in Arabic Flatbreads

Serves 4, prep time 20 minutes, cooking time 7-8 hours for the pork

A medium pork shoulder joint
4 tbsp of vegetable oil
Salt and pepper… 277 more words


Texas Smokey Beef Brisket

Recipe Notes: Took a lot longer than 7 hours (turned the slow cooker to high for the last hour) but was totally worth it. Would have preferred it without the chilli I think – had to tone it down by adding honey and canned tomatoes.Note that there is sugar in the BBQ sauce – my policy is to ignore a wee bit of sugar in BBQ sauce, especially because my many attempts to make sugar free BBQ sauce have been total failures (and why I have liquid smoke in the cupboard – you can easily omit it and still have a great Brisket). 175 more words


Pulled Pork

This slow cooked pulled pork is adapted from this recipe using a hand of pork, making this a very cheap but tasty meal with leftovers that can be picked at for a day or two. 273 more words


Black Bean & Mushroom Soup

This “Mexican” style black bean & mushroom soup is packed with protein and full of flavor, to fill you up and warm you up simultaneously. The recipe I am publishing here is vegan, but to make it more hearty, adding cheese and sour cream to the top to melt into the soup would make for a delicious, creamy variation. 175 more words

Saturday Recipes

Baked Garlic & Herb Chicken

This recipe is simple and great with salads or roasted vegetables. You can use any cut of chicken you prefer, I personally like chicken thighs. It’s a fattier meat which is good when you are doing a low carb lifestyle, since the fat is what keeps you full long after you’ve eaten. 318 more words