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slow cooked ginger ale corned beef

Nothing like what your grandmother makes!

Looks ordinary.. but tastes uniquely extrordinary..

This is a twisty fantastic recipe on a all time classic. I saw something pop up on my Pinterest feed the other week, and after some deliberation and adjustments out came this beauty of a recipe. 242 more words


Tequila, Mojitos & Mexican pulled beef

An Australian BBQ is like no other….especially when cooked by my cousins husband Scott. The combination of Kristy’s marinating skills, and Scotts love for spending the day outside tending to his BBQ creates something which can only be described as simply divine. 224 more words

Gluten Free

Pot Roast Beef Brisket with a Caramilised Onion Gravy Recipe

This melted in our mouth’s. This dinner was tasty, the onion gravy added a lovely sweetness and the smells from the kitchen were divine. This is ideal if you fancy a cheaper dinner that has all the traits of a yummy beef roast. 288 more words


Coconut, Ginger Lime Chicken

Wow, talk about a long hiatus from posting anything! For those of you who used to follow me… my sincere apologies, for anyone seeing any of my posts for the first time…Welcome! 362 more words


Paleo Friendly Recipe - Slow Cooked Pulled Pork, Sweet Potato Fries, Pickled Red Cabbage and Pink Pickled Onions

A love my slow cooker, it’s so easy and the results are pretty much always amazing. One of the first things I made was pulled pork carnitas using a recipe I found online, and I have adapted it over the past couple of years for simplification and ease. 801 more words

Gluten Free

Bejewelled Persian Chicken

I had some friends coming round for dinner and wanted to make a non-spicy Persian chicken dish that was full of flavour, super easy, could be made in advance, and finally, that would be pretty to look at. 459 more words


Half a Shoulder of slow cooked Mutton

A half a shoulder of mutton (blade half) studded with garlic was covered in baking paper and foil and slow cooked in a low oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 18 hours by Anthony Sargeant.

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Anthony J Sargeant