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Pulled Beef Brisket in a Scotch and Coke BBQ Sauce

I had an ambivalent relationship with Tom Kerridge, after a recent attempt to adapt one of his rib recipes turned out an unmitigated disaster.

But I’ve come back to him, as his recipes always look so good on TV, and because he always comes across so nicely, no cheffy arrogance or snobbishness. 622 more words


Slow cooked pork belly over lentils

The rainy weather this week gave me a craving for slow-cooked meat and in trying to steer clear of carbs as much as I can for a bit (a very special upcoming wedding driving me to look and feel my best!), I decided the only way to meet the cravings was to cook up a go-to 3 hour… 317 more words


Game of Clones

Robtard D Throned is deeply upset that he became yesterday’s news.

The failed (and uninspired) mimicry of Steel’s imaginary globetrotting, the hysterical helium-voiced squeaking over closed groups from the master of super secret groups that exist solely to create dossiers, the recognition that Robtard really… 61 more words


Vietnamese Coconut Braised pork; or Thit Heo Kho Trung

So this week, I’ve been all over the cheaper cuts of meat for some reason (three days till payday!!!). Often these have a bad rep, but with a little longer cooking times, and a few of the right ingredients, you can’t go wrong! 481 more words


Slow Cooked Bone Broth Recipe and Benefits

Benefits of Bone Broth

As promised in a recent blog I said I’d share how I make a bone broth and why it’s so good for you! 495 more words

Gluten Free

Lamb Shank Pie

A couple of years ago I attempted a lamb shank pie. A lot of time and effort went in for fairly average results. This week lamb shanks were on special (it is surprising how exorbitantly priced a meat cut that is mostly bone can be), so I decided to give the pie idea another go. 369 more words


Feast of Merit

Who’s there:

Everyone. With allocated sitting times a timely arrival is pivotal (if not expect to have staff hovering).

Should I bother?

Not being made aware of the size of the… 350 more words