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Slow drivers in the left lane

It seems that this happens more and more.  What is so difficult about considering other drivers on the road.  People today seem to be oblivious to anything around them.   101 more words

Dumb Drivers

A Philosophical Question...

So I was driving back home from a bagel run on a two-lane road this morning when I got stuck behind three slow-moving cars. The front car had his right turn signal on and was moving slowly because an older gentleman was in the crosswalk right where he wanted to go. 411 more words

Random Musings

To All Of You Slow Ass Drivers Out There...

I don’t know why you drive slow. Maybe you are old and rickety with bad reaction times, maybe the car you are driving is old and rickety with bad reaction times, maybe you can’t see three feet past the hood of your car, or maybe you just don’t give a damn. 1,070 more words

Slow Ass People In The Fast Lane!

It’s an age old problem, you’re on the interstate highway or a four-lane road, there’s quite a bit of traffic and you’re running late. You whip over into the passing lane and ……. 317 more words

Don't You Fucking Dare

I don’t get angry at slow drivers
or people who inexplicably don’t seems to understand
how to answer a cellphone

I don’t care about mistaken hotel bookings and delayed flights… 399 more words


7 things I just I don't understand

In my life I try really hard to be a compassionate person. Someone who puts herself in others’ shoes before judging them. Kind, generous and the like. 437 more words



It was one of Those Days. Started out normal. We had to get up a bit early because I had a doctor appointment and even though we left plenty of time, we got out of the house a bit late. 485 more words