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Garry and I are old enough to remember the good old days and I’m the perfect age to have been one of the kids in the back seat pinching and punching a sibling while whining: “Are we there yet?” How come our parents didn’t kill us before we grew up? 546 more words


Texan Driver cleverly clears the left lane on highway

Have you ever been caught behind a driver that just never leaves the left lane? This driver from Texas was in that situation. We applaud him for how calm he was when suggesting the van change lanes. 68 more words


Do You Head Whip?

My husband head whips. Yep. If he is stuck behind a slow or insane driver, as soon as he can pass he races around the car and whips his head around to stare at the person… as if staring makes any difference in behavior modification! 416 more words

Discovering Me

Country Road Drivers

Dear National Trust Driver,

If you are driving to a National Trust location over the spring, summer, I have some tips for you to make your journey more pleasant. 240 more words


Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Big, serious question here……are you one of those people who drive slow in the fast lane?

If so, what compels you to do this? Does it make you feel empowered?   147 more words

Move over Doofus! You're a traffic hazzard!

Why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the left lane

The first ticket I ever got in Washington State was 1970 in Spokane fer driving in the left lane on a highway where I was the only vehicle within a mile. 31 more words

'Tain't Funny McGee

Move it or Lose it!

“Patience is a virtue.” I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, exactly, but I’ll bet you $1000 it was written by a painfully slow person; the kind of carefree hippie that meanders down the middle of a busy sidewalk, content to stare into the sky and enjoy the day like an idiot when everyone else has somewhere to be. 1,144 more words

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