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Please tell me why there are so many bad drivers

I notice this more on my motorcycle

I took my what most likely will have been my final ride of the season on my Hayabusa here in Wisconsin as it was 51 degrees. 370 more words

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Telling Off a Truck Driver

You ever notice how being in a hurry almost always guarantees you’ll get a slow driver in front of you? Add construction work to the formula and you might as well figure that the cows will go milk themselves at the neighbor’s barn and come back home before you even get to work. 547 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

Don't use your brakes, change gear

I try to remain calm when I’m driving, and concentrate on what I’m doing and stay safe; however sometimes it’s impossible to ignore other drivers… not just drivers who do silly things, but drivers who are annoying. 408 more words

Bits And Pieces

Living with parents

AS IRRITATING as they may sometimes be, family is what you start with, and, what many of us hope to end up with. People don’t normally aspire to be alone for the long haul. 1,071 more words



Garry and I are old enough to remember the good old days and I’m the perfect age to have been one of the kids in the back seat pinching and punching a sibling while whining: “Are we there yet?” How come our parents didn’t kill us before we grew up? 546 more words


Texan Driver cleverly clears the left lane on highway

Have you ever been caught behind a driver that just never leaves the left lane? This driver from Texas was in that situation. We applaud him for how calm he was when suggesting the van change lanes. 68 more words


Do You Head Whip?

My husband head whips. Yep. If he is stuck behind a slow or insane driver, as soon as he can pass he races around the car and whips his head around to stare at the person… as if staring makes any difference in behavior modification! 416 more words

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