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New ways and thinking...

I was with my granddaughter a few weeks back just amazed at the development over 16 months of life.   We all await her sounds turning into words, because she definitely has a great deal to tell us about.    344 more words

Are "slow growth chickens" the future ?

An article in the New York Times (May 1, 2017) titled “A Chicken that Grows Slower and tastes better” describes a plan by Perdue Farms to develop chickens that take 25% more time to mature, get more time to run around, have a potentially healthier life and thus taste better and cost 30% more to feed.   110 more words

Operations Management

On Growing a Business while Growing a Family

Know what’s easy?

Growing a business from scratch while raising two small children.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA JK guys, it’s hard as hell.

I get emails from mamas of small children sometimes, and they mostly say, “How do you do everything?” The truth is, that I don’t. 1,168 more words