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Slow Lane

The topic we were given at writing group last week was Wonder. There is of course more than one interpretation of this word, I chose the verb; the desire to know something or curiosity. 1,221 more words

New Old Photos—Arriving in China, 1981

Just this week we got several of my husband Gauss’s slides from our time in China in 1981-82 digitized. Here’s a look back to life in the slow lane. 199 more words


I'm such a magnet to...

…the dumb lane. You know, the one that goes nowhere. As in grocery lanes that look as though the people have little to no groceries, so you stand behind them and lo and behold the lane next to you, with six families looking as though they’re stocking up for 12 feet of snow, ends up leaving before your things hit the conveyor belt. 272 more words

The Slow Lane

So here I am, stumbling in the slow lane

while you race ahead, as if life

is a race to win one day.

I write words… 138 more words


The Slow Lane

On the first leg of my summer sojourn I witnessed many types of fearlessness.  So this is less of a story and more of a travel log of the first four states on my journey. 514 more words


Life in the Slow Lane and Etsy News

Do you actually know anyone who lives life in the slow lane?  Nah…me either.  Well…maybe our grandparents…but when you are in your seventies and eighties…it might be a good idea to slow down a bit.  355 more words

Everyday Stuff


We have all heard the phrase “net neutrality” come up in the news as a recent topic of debate. If not, then let me just break it down for you. 182 more words