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The perpetual student- ness stays put...

I am not justifying my previous post ‘Growing Up Backwards’ – this here post is just a declaration for ‘no-I-am-not going-to-look- back’ and for asking myself do I regret not following the conventional path. 283 more words

Written Word

Getting a Head Start, But Losing at the Finishing Lines?

On the education of the young, translated…

A lot of parents, even teachers believed, that if the kids don’t start getting an education earlier, then, the children will fall behind the other kids in areas of reading and math, but, DOES the concept of early birds get the worm really apply to child education? 685 more words

The Consequences Of Life

A case for Slow Learning

The words “Slow Learning” are more likely to trigger a defensive reaction from parents than a sense of pride form students yet I want to offer another view (and I am not alone): … 186 more words


Learning adventure - 6

Today is a slow learning day. A little tweet by @alisoniredale on a Slow  Education event up here in the NW reminded me of a lovely little hardback I have on my shelves.   494 more words


The Creative Orchestra

In last week’s blog I highlighted three analytical categories that might assist in understanding the ‘good enough’ music lesson described.

These can be thought of as dimensions of pedagogy. 868 more words


Must See Monday: Saturday school that works!

Most schools ask themselves, “Why would kids come to school on a Saturday?” but at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, UK, they’re asking “Why would they not?” 264 more words

School Reform

Where are these deliberative spaces?

Alexis has reminded me that my tapping fingers have not blogged for ten days or more. Rebecca responded to my question “How’s it going with the blogging?” with an answer about time, the back to back tutorials, lectures, seminars, preparations, then tea and Iris, and that shattered haze at 21:30 when all your body craves is to flop into bed, but tomorrow’s lectures and preparations beckon. 304 more words

Slow Learning