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How to get a pet monkey?

Have you ever looked at an Instagram post of someone’s pet monkey and thought “I want one!”. Or maybe it was a video of a furry primate holding an umbrella. 1,057 more words


Why Slow Lorises don't make good pets

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have seen the videos floating around the internet that show slow lorises being petted and tickled, and some of us (me included) have probably even commented or shared these videos captioning them with “Awww cute!”. 542 more words


Never ever buy a Slow Loris

This video made me cry. People are so evil. We suck. Watch this video to find out the truth behind the slow loris pet trade.


Slow Loris

Slow loris are a nocturnal type of primates similar to lemurs and one of the very few mammals with a venomous bite which they gain by licking a  toxic gland on their arms   and mixing it with their saliva. 114 more words

Friday News Round up 9-25

My dear readers.  Please excuse me for seemingly only doing Friday news round-ups these days.  School seems to be soaking up all my other big ideas for its own nefarious purposes.  969 more words


Slow Loris

I’d like to thank Rachel C. for requesting this blog on the Slow Loris. I’m doing yours because I’d like to thank you for letting me come over to your mom’s house to swim in the swimming pool. 179 more words