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Slow Loris: How it can be your pet

Slow Loris eats rice

Brian Wright

The cute and cuddly Slow Loris is found in South Asia, and seems to be a desirable pet, and why not, just look at those big brown eyes. 300 more words

Brian Wright

I Want A Slow Loris

After watching this video, how could you not want one?

Video Here


Our Baby World: The Slow Loris

Fast facts about the slow loris:

  •  Nine species of slow lorises currently recognized — the Bengal, Bornean, greater, Hiller’s, Javan, Kayan, Philippine, pygmy and Sody’s. That adorable fur baby above is a pygmy loris.
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How is Social Media affecting our perception of endangered species?

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Why Slow Lorises don't make good pets

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have seen the videos floating around the internet that show slow lorises being petted and tickled, and some of us (me included) have probably even commented or shared these videos captioning them with “Awww cute!”. 542 more words