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Mistreated YouTube Star

Have you ever heard of the a creature called the Slow Loris?  Perhaps you’ve been on a trip somewhere in Southern Asia? Perhaps Bangladesh or Yunnan Province in China?   483 more words

BBC Natural World

Daily animal cuteness part 2

Hi! This is part 2 of the daily animal cuteness! This is a video of a cute little animal called Slow Loris. It makes me smile when I see it. 46 more words


Slow Loris Eats a Rice Ball in the Most Adorable Fashion

I had never heard of a Slow Loris until I saw this video of Kinakao, but it didn’t stop me instantly falling in love with her while she tucks into a rice snack. 8 more words


A monkey, a Slow Loris, was tought to hold onto a metal pole and well... pole dance.

It may seem funny at first glance but the captures of these monkeys unfortunately  has caused many problems and is considered to be, alongside deforestation, the main threat to the species. 23 more words


5 Exercises to Combat Bathing Suit Woes

Spring break is right around the corner and hopefully summer temperatures can pick up the pace as well.

*Insert the bathing suit woes here*

But there are larger issues to face here. 466 more words

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