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A nifty tech trick to increase the accuracy of recording in science lessons.

Slow motion (slowmo) is a video effect in which time appears to be slowed down.  To create a slowmo video, simply record something and then apply the effect.   262 more words


These Slow Motion Exploding Cans Of Paint Create Beautiful Post-Modern Art

Near the end of his prolific writing career, Hunter S. Thompson took a page out of William S. Burroughs‘ book (so to speak) and tried his hand at shotgun art. 186 more words


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Drawer Slides

Drawers can be opened with a variation of styles from manual, push-open, and now automatic openings. A minor detail in every way but a major convenience to the end user.In the past drawer slides were simple, just a single u-channel track in the center with the drawer resting on top sliding back and forth. 505 more words

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