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Round 11: Mill Valley Golf Links

A Hidden Playground

The group of college buddies you met during The Still FPC Classic are spread out across New England, now that we’re all on our way to being “grown ups.” So when it comes time to get together, there’s usually a good amount of travel involved. 543 more words


When Worlds Collide: Juliana Hatfield at the Ardmore Music Hall, 10/12/17

Three weeks back, trumpets blared, timpani rumbled, clouds parted, and an angel came forth to announce that Philadelphia’s favorite Brit wordsmith (or, at least, one of them), Wesley Stace – aka the artist formerly known as John Wesley Harding – and his band, the English UK, were to play the Ardmore Music Hall…on the same night as a Philadelphia Eagles matchup against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. 911 more words


Slow motion Friday Giftures

Someone must have hit the slow motion button on my life, because I can’t seem to keep up. Just yesterday my kids were just starting school and today they tell me they are in 4th and 8th grades. 279 more words


Slow Motion Love

The lights are dimmed.

Each touch sends electrifying sparks that crave to connect more.

The wind whispers the music that only you can hear.

The 3-second window of catching each other’s eyes, felt like a painting that spoke to the deeper corner of souls. 57 more words


Video - slow motion

how to add slow motion:

  • from the tool bar select the “razor blade” icon to cut the clip in the project bar
  • using the keyboard or onscreen arrows to select the part you want to start the slow mo.
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Slow Motion by Blair Gaulton

Slow Motion
Slow motion thoughts jar.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Sept 2017


Slow Motion Helicopter Hog Hunting - Its a Wonderful World

After discovering that two of the feeders that I schlepped into the woods, filled with corn, and set up for my 12 yr old daughter to bow hunt over were destroyed by wild hogs and all of the corn devoured, this video was my woosah moment. 36 more words