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Watch The Slo Mo Guys Put Their Tongue In A Mouse Trap

File this under…Things I Should Have NEVER Watched. Honestly, don’t watch it! It will haunt you the rest of your days.

The Slo Mo Guys have gone to far. 71 more words


Watch a lawnmower take apart household objects in slo-mo

Watching an upside-down lawnmower shred household objects in slow motion is oddly hypnotic, especially when paired with Strauss’ “The Blue Danube Waltz.”

YouTuber “tesla500” dropped computer peripherals and other common objects on the spinning blades of an inverted lawnmower while filming the destructive force at speeds up to 5,000 frames per second.


Manipulating Ink Sculptures

After experimenting many times with creating ink sculptures in water, I thought that an interesting idea would be to manipulate the shapes of the ink with an object. 80 more words

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Skateboarding Through Color Powder in Slow Motion

This is quite the visual masterpiece.  What happens when you mix skateboarding, color powder, and slow motion?  Something pretty incredible, that’s what.  It really gets going at about 40 seconds in. 15 more words


Dropping Random Things on a Lawnmower in Super Slow-Motion is Very Satisfying

Want to see a lawnmower rip things apart in slow motion?  Of course you do, it’s Tuesday, there’s nothing else to do.  See how things like a keyboard, computer mouse, water bottles, and more stand up against an upside-down lawnmower.