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Lindsey Pelas Running in Slow Motion Just Broke My Internet

Okay, so this doesn’t have so much to with V8s or greasy, lubed up transmissions (well, maybe a little bit on the lubricant part). But what can I say?? 32 more words


Lindsey Pelas has mastered the slow motion underboob

Does it get any better than a beautiful, busty woman like Lindsay Pelas running in slow motion?


This archer can shoot an aspirin tablet in mid-air, what can you do?

Whats better than seeing an archer hit lifesavers in mid-air? Watching him do it in slow motion.


Smarter Every Day Showcases The World's Most Amazing Archer In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay put out a video showcasing one amazing archer in slow motion!  Byron Ferguson travels the world doing live exhibition.  So Destin Sandlin did a video with Byron, and you see him shooting objects while a slow motion camera captures everything!   49 more words


Waves crashing onto a beach in slow motion

The waves unrelentingly kept crashing into the beach at this spot in Kona, Hawaii. I can definitely understand why surfers travel all the way out here!

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This Slow Motion Video Of A Race Car Crashing Into A Barrier Will Make You Cringe

At the Dunlop Series of Supercar racing in Adelaide, Australia, driver James Golding skidded on a sharp turn and lost control of his vehicle. Of course, when race car drivers drive vehicles dubbed “Supercars” on a closed course in and around a major city, near-misses and accidents are bound to happen. 65 more words