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... the more masculinity asserts itself, the more it calls itself into question.

“The closer we come to uncovering some form of exemplary masculinity, a masculinity which is solid and sure of itself, the clearer it becomes that masculinity is structured through contradiction: the more it asserts itself, the more it calls itself into question.” 15 more words


The benefits of enforced slow motion

In the middle of Monday night, half asleep and in my own home after several nights away, I mistook my route to the bathroom and fell backwards down a flight of fourteen steep stairs. 259 more words

Slow Mo

Some people like a crossword or a Sudoku but my current brainteasers revolve around experimenting with new poetic forms. I am enjoy being a novice and trying to create an original piece within the framework of an imposed structure. 103 more words

[VIDEO] Dog's Epic Fail Trying To Catch Frisbee - In Slow Motion

A guy trying to show off his dog’s Frisbee-catching skills ended up capturing the most spectacular slow-motion failure instead. Check it out!


Tiger Lilly in the Wind

Tiger Lilly In The Wind from Bruce Kraus on Vimeo.

A slow motion rendition of a Tiger Lilly in the Wind.

Video shot with a… 29 more words


Looking For Perfect Sync

Get out your magnifying glasses! Let’s look at the bank’s LED sign again to see if the Fujifilm W3 3D camera has perfect stereoscopic sync, i.e., genlock. 18 more words

3D YouTube Video