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This Machine Just Solved a Rubik's Cube in 0.38 Seconds

Don’t blink…

That was a Rubik’s cube being solved in 0.38 seconds. The time is from the moment the keypress is registered on the computer, to when the last face is flipped.

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Cosmic Love - Hummingbird Edition

This video was slowed down to 10% to catch this impossibly quick little hummingbird enjoying the sunshine in Sonoma County, CA.

“The daily hummingbird assaults existence with improbability.”  300 more words

This Tekken 7 Video Proves Everything is Better in Slow Motion

Whether it’s a game-winning touchdown or a world-beating super, slow motion makes everything more dramatic not to mention cooler. 62 more words


Not a Typical Monday

Ever had one of those Mondays? I don’t mean a typical Monday when you wake up with the realization that it’s Monday. I am talking about one of those Mondays, like the one I’m having today. 552 more words


See amazing slow motion video of needle being thrown through glass

Just about anything looks cooler through a slow-motion video, and that’s a huge part of what’s made The Slow Mo Guys internet famous with more than 10 million YouTube followers… 143 more words

Internet Culture

Distress Calls

Distress Calls

If you are sailing and need help,
but have no flares or rockets on your ship,
there is a signal of distress
a person can perform physically. 43 more words

Slow Motion Moments

My friend’s in a tiny wedding boutique in the middle of nowhere. Her sister has just seen her dream dress. She texts me to tell me. 268 more words