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Polyphasic Sleep Pattern - Update 3.0

A while ago I went headfirst into the ideas behind Polyphasic Sleep and thought that it could be of great help as I have had-and still have-troubles with my sleeping; mainly I sleep to much. 231 more words


Polyphasic Sleep Pattern - One Week Past: Crashed!

From having trouble with sleep for a long time now I decided to give Polyphasic Sleep a try – an alternation of Everyman – and this is my rundown of the first week that has passed. 674 more words

Straight, No Chaser: Sleep Apnea

We’ve discussed many components of sleep and sleep disorders. A very common condition that many of you are walking around with undiagnosed is sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a common, recurring sleeping disorder in which your breathing temporarily pauses during your sleep. 672 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Polyphasic Sleep Pattern - Beginning Day 2

Yesterday, or Sunday evening/night to Monday, I decided to give Polyphasic Sleep a try, going with something called Everyman. My sleep will consist of 4 hours sleep and 2 naps of 25 minutes per day. 132 more words


Polyphasic Sleep Pattern

Inspirerad by the Polyphasic Sleep Pattern I decided to give it a try starting of Sunday the 4th of Mars, 2018. Due to my work schedule being two shifts, every other week daytime (6 am – 3 pm) and evenings (3 pm – 1 am) I had to modify it slightly. 296 more words


To sleep, perchance to roam

You jolt awake, sensing a presence in your room. Heart racing, you open your eyes and the figure comes into focus. Her glassy eyes seem to stare right through you. 1,518 more words

Neurodegenerative Disorders


As a child I would have night terrors.

I would wake in the dark of the small room I shared with my brother. Moonlight flirting between the gaps in the curtains. 348 more words