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An article posted to the National Journal last week claims whites are more likely to sleep comfortably than blacks because of widespread racism.

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The Entire Void Rests Between Scylla and Charybdis (#18)

This is part 14 of the Choosing Charybdis storyline. Start from the beginning of that arc here.

“It wants to eat my dreams?”  Alexis stepped back from the heart of Charybdis. 602 more words

Choosing Charybdis

[ELITE] Sleep Facts & Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep debt is a cumulative issue. Your performance decrease as you continue pulling consecutive all-nighters.

Experts agree that 95 percent of adults need to sleep seven to nine hours each night to function optimally. 1,517 more words


Straight, No Chaser: Sleep Apnea

This is part of a Straight, No Chaser series on sleep disorders.

We’ve discussed many components of sleep and sleep disorders. Sleep apnea is a very common condition that many of you are walking around with undiagnosed.  596 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Everyone loves sleep. But why do we do it?

On average, we spend one third of our lives sleeping. Thats about 24 years worth of sleep for one 80 year old man or woman. 827 more words


Sleep and death

HuffPost has an interesting Sleep 101 article up.

Sleep is anything but a waste of time. While many people think of catching ZZs as the body “shutting off” until morning, nodding off actually activates a complicated process that helps you feel rested and healthy the next day.

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Pre-symptomatic diagnosis in FFI

Pre-symptomatic diagnosis in fatal familial insomnia: serial neurophysiological and 18FDG-PET studies
Brain (2006), 129, 668–675

A puzzling feature that FFI shares with other familial neurodegenerative diseases is that the… 248 more words

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