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Part 1.0 - Station

She looked up at the sign. Twenty-three minutes, it said.

She bent down and rubbed her ankle where the edges of the highheels were digging into her skin. 195 more words




It is hard to write this week. The words come sluggishly and feel awkward. Nonetheless I have several writing tasks to complete—a module for a teaching development online course, a workshop on academic integrity—and dozens of works in progress. 649 more words


Slow Writing Revisited

Tranter, Rhys. “Andrew Gallix on the Virues of Writing Slowly.” RhysTranter.com, 28 October 2017:

Since interviewing Michelle Boulous Walker about “slow philosophy… 219 more words

Andrew Gallix

We need (to be) poets

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to hear Ronald Barnett, emeritus professor of higher education, talk at the University of Sydney. Based on his trilogy of books, he spoke about the university as a feasible utopia in an age of supercomplexity. 719 more words

Slow Academia

Back and forth

I love ongoing scholarly conversations that take place in the public sphere. I recently read Les Back’s (2016) delightful Academic Diary: Or why higher education still matters… 712 more words

Slow Academia

On publishing another book when there are already so many

Didn’t I say in January that I had a book I would write quickly? A book based on my travel diaries. A book that should have required a quick spit and polish, then out of the nest it would go. 901 more words

Writing Life

What I'm reading

At an early career community of practice meeting this week, we talked about academic writing. I shared some of my favourite blogs and websites:

Slow Academia