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Slow reading at a writing retreat

I spent the beginning of this week on a 24 hour retreat with my PhD student, colleague and friend Lilia Mantai. We left our children with their fathers (this deserves a special thanks from me as it coincided with our wedding anniversary) and went to… 637 more words

Slow Reading

Taking the Time a Book Needs

This is the story of one book. It wasn’t a book at first, just an idea that came from Karen Leonard’s ethnographic study and filmmaker Jayasri Majumdar Hart’s exploration… 252 more words

Slow Writing

You know we’re in the first few days of Camp NaNoWriMo. And NaNo is all about cranking out the word count. Fast writing! The quicker, the better! 614 more words


Where You're From

Chapter 3 Part 1

I walked into my class just as Mr. Grimes was doing roll call.

“So nice of you to join us, Ms. Jones.” His nasally voice grated on my ears. 145 more words

Slow Writing

Slow Writing is an idea dreamt up by David Didau and can be found on his excellent blog ‘The Learning Spy’.

“Over the past few years I’ve been experimenting with what, for want of a better idea, I’m calling Slow Writing.

444 more words
Short Stories

Chapter One

Its been forty days and there is still no news. Everyday i run down to the mailbox, the front door, the e-mail. In the end, it is all for nothing. 110 more words


EdTech Tutorial: How to do slow writing using Google Docs.

In English lessons, a great technique to use is ‘slow writing’. Slow writing is where you get the students to really think about every step of their composition. 181 more words