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Slow Writing: Statistics

75% of statistics are made up, did you know?

Chase them; you’ll soon spiral down a rabbit hole of high claims and overheard rumours.

It’s hard to know what’s really real any more. 30 more words

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Slow Writing: The Unfortunate Alchemist

And then, at the very moment that Charles had thought he’d cracked it, the crockpot began to smoke quite disconcertingly.

Who would have thought alchemic enlightenment could be so evasive? 96 more words

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Slow Writing Is Back!

Sir, if I may: these shrewd words of yours – which have impressed us much – serve to further our cause not a jot.

Half have left our heads, a full quarter have stood as garnish…why, I do believe our party is replete and sated after your canapé tableau of a speech. 174 more words

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Reflection of my teaching #18

Slow writing is a process invented by David Didau, and I highly recommend reading his book ‘The Secret of Literacy’ or his blog, here is a post about the technique… 279 more words


Don't Miss the Train: Reflections on Slow Writing

The Art of Slow Writing by Louise DeSalvo (St. Martin’s Griffith, 2014) is an insightful, slow read for beginning writers. DeSalvo holds your hand and walks with you through the process of brainstorming, planning, writing, revising, and letting go of a book. 845 more words

Louise DeSalvo


And so it was, in the first pale hours of a year just barely opening its eyes, that minds were altered and perspectives surgically skewed. 61 more words

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When I Need a Quick Word Fix

When I can’t really be arsed to write, or I want to write but haven’t thought about what, I do little challenges. Most often that’s… 405 more words

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