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"Four Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss

Back by popular demand, here is my latest book review. I usually read business books and/or biographies (I’m reading a book about the Wright Brothers now), but I was intrigued enough by… 790 more words


Am Anfang wird es fies

Montag. Berlin Kreuzberg. 27 Grad und sonnig.

” Ich hätte gerne einen kühlen Cocktail. ”

” So ein Eis wie die da, hätte ich jetzt gerne.” 276 more words


My Body Image Journey - an (occasionally-crude) look back on the last four months

Two things to warn you about right off the bat: this post is going to be full of Real Talk, so if you aren’t prepped for that, the time to walk away is now. 1,433 more words

The 4 Hour Body. My beginning of mindful eating.

With the start of a New Year, I join the majority of the population in vowing to eat better and look after myself. This begins with eating with intent, and not JUST because something tastes or looks good… ugh. 461 more words

Life Improvement

Let the bad times roll...

Word up,

I haven’t posted in a while due to life generally sucking with a total abundance of first world problems  -which could be summarised by stealing a line from the eternally wise Tyler Durdan: ‘we work jobs we hate to buy s**t we don’t need.’ …That’s the truth Holmes. 416 more words

July 1st Weekend & Wellness

Friday I worked from 8:00-5:00. No workout and nothing particularly eventful happened today.

Saturday was GLORIOUS though. I had the whole house to myself all day, a rare treat. 281 more words