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My 7 Month Diet Plan

I’ll make this as short as possible, though, it’s probably not going to be. Note that this is the diet that I MYSELF went on these past several months that helped me loose weight. 687 more words


Day Three: Busy Bee

Busy day today, only really have time to post daily goal results.

Overall Daily Goal Results

  • Flexibility/Stretching Routine- CHECK, ugh… sore today
  • Daily Weight- CHECK…
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Day Two: Embrace the Grind

Overall Daily Goal Results

  • Flexibility/Stretching Routine- CHECK
  • Daily Weight- CHECK
  • Maintain Slow Carb Diet- CHECK
  • Kettlebell Swings- CHECK
  • Surpass Fuel Point Goal- CHECK
  • Drink at least 192 oz.
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Day One: The Dreaded Weigh In and First Day of Diet

The ABSOLUTE worst part of getting started is getting on that scale and realizing just how far I have let myself slip.  It’s amazing how bad it can get when you are willing to overlook the obvious signs like the growing reflection in the mirror and the need to buy all your clothing at a Big & Tall store. 189 more words


Eating Plan aka Shovels Are Not Utensils

The most important part of any weight loss endeavor is your eating plan.  You can do sit ups until you pass out from exertion  but if your diet isn’t on point and more importantly sustainable… 270 more words


"Four Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss

Back by popular demand, here is my latest book review. I usually read business books and/or biographies (I’m reading a book about the Wright Brothers now), but I was intrigued enough by… 790 more words


Am Anfang wird es fies

Montag. Berlin Kreuzberg. 27 Grad und sonnig.

” Ich hätte gerne einen kühlen Cocktail. ”

” So ein Eis wie die da, hätte ich jetzt gerne.” 276 more words