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Black Tomb S/T

When you say you listen to doom metal, you can pretty accurately guess the reactions people will have because of all the tropes that go along with the genre. 591 more words


Dopethrone: Electric Wizard

Rating: 90%

In 2000, Electric Wizard released “Dopethrone.” “Dopethrone” is a Doom Metal album that features Jus Oborn on vocals, guitars and all effects, bassist Tim Bagshaw, and drummer Mark Greening. 387 more words


Jagged Mouth - Louring (Review)

This is the debut album from Jagged Mouth, a sludge/doom metal band from the US.

With the kind of scathingly high-pitched vocals that can strip skin at 100 paces, Jagged Mouth don’t mess around. 309 more words


The Ocean en Chile. Como se esperaba…

No siempre una persona se puede dar el lujo de pagar una entrada por una banda buena desconocida o una banda con un par de discos impresionantes. 892 more words


Sedna - Eterno (Review)

This is the second album from Italian post-black metallers Sedna.

I recall Sedna from their enjoyable, if brief, split with Dementia Senex. Lasting just under 8 minutes, their contribution was a quality listen, which made me excited to hear this full-length. 230 more words


Classic Day - When The Kite String Pops

When The Kite String Pops is the debut release from Louisianan sludge/doom metal band Acid Bath. The band sounds like a gasoline soaked pit of rage as the instruments are destructive and the vocals from Dax Riggs brings so much energy into each track. 1,586 more words

Matt's Music Mine

Brutal Gluttonous Beast EP - Ten Ton Slug

Metal has a problem every now and then. It takes itself very seriously, much too seriously, at times. I’ll be the first to admit that seriousness is necessary to a certain extent but so many bands and projects take it pretty damn far. 444 more words