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Album Review: Torche - "Restarter"

If you listen to as much sludge and doom as we do in a typical month here at Horns Up, you’ll know that the occasional, pace-changer becomes a very welcome occurrence. 541 more words


Metal Mondays: Torche: Restarter

Carrying the Metal Torche

Album: Restarter
Artist: Torche
Label: Relapse
US Release Date: 2015-02-24
UK Release Date: 2015-02-23

A lot of bandwidth has been taken up as to whether or not the Miami-based band Torche is metal or not. 1,017 more words


A Crowbar to Get me Through February 2015

In a lot of ways February 2015 has been one of the worst winter months I’ve experienced. It is almost March, the fishing expos that usher in the spring are a few day away but the weatherman is stating in clear English that the coming week will bring another single digit polar butt-f*cking on top of the 3-5 inches of wintery mucosa that was single nostril cleared upon on us over this weekend. 870 more words


Album Review: Primitive Man - "Home Is Where the Hatred Is"

If I have been critical of Primitive Man for one thing throughout their short but impressive career, it’s been the amount of waste in their records. 464 more words

Album Reviews

Album Review: Torche - Restarter

Veteran metal quartet Torche understand that you can’t continue to release the same record. And so Restarter was born. It’s the band’s heaviest album to date, a step back toward their early days of Melvins worship and melodic sludge. 298 more words

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Torche: The Making of a Sonic Bulldozer

Torche is at that critical point where a band can decide to write the same record over and over again or challenge itself to make something altogether new. 947 more words

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Album Review: Kraków - "Amaran"

If you’re of a gambling persuasion, you can probably bet on not finding an album as all-over-the-place Kraków‘s newest one, Amaran, over the rest of this year. 499 more words