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Allfather - No Gods No Masters

 If you’ve been looking for an EP that has elements of anarchy with a sludge/doom metal performance and being all around badass then look no further than Allfather’s brand new EP “No Gods No Masters”! 168 more words

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Review: Iced Out's Man's Ruin

Durham sludgecore nihilists Iced Out have returned for another short burst of down-tuned filth with the release of their third EP, Man’s Ruin. The band’s previous EP Jukai began to show elements of a slower, lurching song style that has more in common with sludge metal than hardcore and Iced Out have made a much bigger step into the world of sludge for this EP. 320 more words


Album Review: Allfather - "No Gods. No Masters."

Rochester, UK-based Allfather are relative newcomers to the metal scene, having only formed last year. In a time of political unrest, uncertainty and eroding trust in the government, the band’s debut EP, … 452 more words

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Cult Leader - Nothing for Us Here

What do you do when your frontman is accused of sexually assaulting a fan? Start another band, I guess.1 Such are the circumstances surrounding Cult Leader, of which three members were metalcore/sludge metal group Gaza.2 Nothing for Us Here contains that newfangled experimental metal that’s the hallmark of Deathwish, Inc.3: mathy, crust punk riffs with a significant grindcore influence. 165 more words


Boris - Pink

Sporting a hot-pink cover, Japanese three-piece Boris turned their drone/doom roots on their heads with their tenth studio album Pink.1 Pink is the highlight of the easily-palatable Boris releases.2 Ostensibly a sludge metal album, it sports shoegaze, crust, and traditional heavy metal influences under a haze of psychedelia that does not too fall too far from the Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard trees. 383 more words


Album Review: Ølten - "Mode"

The cover of Ølten‘s terrific new album, Mode, couldn’t be more misleading if it tried. It’s a neat shot, but it’s certainly not the kind of image you’d expect from a band whose website describes them simply as “a Swiss heavy rock porn sludge instrumental trio” that “play loud.” Yes, they did sneak “porn” in there, and no, we don’t quite get it either—but that single word aside, the statement more or less hits the nail on the head.  496 more words

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Album Review: War Iron - "Precession of the Equinoxes"

The term “heavy” is incredibly subjective. Each individual interprets it differently, depending on their personal tastes not just in metal, but also music in general. And yet, more so than in any other qualifier in music it seems, the question of whether an album or artist is  500 more words

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