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Write On Your House

Our new CD Sing the Bible Volume 2 is full of  word-for-word Scripture songs.

One of the songs speaks directly to parents, specifically about parenting with Scripture. 379 more words


Killing My Teenager's Vibe

It was a happy occasion. Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and siblings – all excited to see each other, walking through the airport together. All walking, except me, seated comfortably in a Southwest Airlines wheelchair, my wife selflessly pushing from behind. 842 more words


HUGE SALE + Songs from the Sickbed

We’ve got 3 GREAT reasons to have a HUGE sale on Sing the Bible Volume 2!

  1. We had to cancel some concerts last weekend because of my…
  2. 105 more words

Do Not Scroll Down...

Do not scroll down, if…

1. you are faint of heart

2. you get queazy seeing bodily injury

3. you are eating

Yes, we will have a… 512 more words

Slugs And Bugs

Release Day Review!

I am so honored to share this stellar review from Jonathan Rodgers at The Rabbit Room. Jonathan captures so much about Sing the Bible Volume 2 in fewer words than I could have imagined possible. 205 more words


Above Yourselves - Sing the Bible Volume 2

As parents, we endure brutal, blatant selfishness from our children. We are all selfish, of course. But children have no problem with it. They are shamelessly selfish and it’s our job to point out the problem without putting them to shame. 216 more words


Sing the Bible with Slugs and Bugs, Volume 2!!!

Is it okay for me to listen to my kids music in the car all alone when my kids are far, far away from me? Absolutely! 523 more words

Leaving A Mark