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Sing the Bible Volume 2: What's it all about?

As you may have heard, our new CD, Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs Volume 2 will officially launch into the world on March 18th… 460 more words


You've Gotta See This

Fans of Sing the Bible Volume 1, listen up!  There is a movie out that you MUST SEE. 

If you love Sing the Bible Volume 1, you owe it to yourself and your kids to go see Imba Means Sing. 414 more words

Slugs And Bugs

Sing the Bible Volume 2 Release Date and MORE!

It’s official! The RELEASE DATE for Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs Volume 2 is Friday, March 18th!

Until then, we’ll be introducing the story  – why I chose these verses, why they matter to you, as well as who was involved and how the music came to life. 291 more words


The Camel Song

Because it’s Christmas and there’s a new Star Wars movie out, here’s Slugs and Bugs’ classic, The Christmas Camel.
From Slugs And Bugs Christmas.
Everybody loves The Camel Song.


Christmas Coloring Pages, Slugs & Bugs Style

If your family is anything like mine, the Christmas holidays provide much needed down-time to relax and connect. However, even with board games and card games, finding activities that fit a wide age range can be a challenge. 252 more words


Thanksgiving, Harry Potter and the Power of No

Long time readers will know, I like to surprise my kids by saying “yes.” At least twice, I’ve written about the value of saying “yes” to your kids ( 474 more words


Hey Beautiful Girl (story and song)

Saturday was November 21st. My daughter and oldest child, Livi, turned 15!

That’s crazy for so many reasons, but in the context of this blog, it’s crazy because that means about… 415 more words