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Hey Beautiful Girl (story and song)

Saturday was November 21st. My daughter and oldest child, Livi, turned 15!

That’s crazy for so many reasons, but in the context of this blog, it’s crazy because that means about… 415 more words


My Dove Awards Speech

Our trip to the Dove Awards was such a fun treat. Our nomination was such a surprise, that even though I did not take home a statue, I still felt like we won something. 447 more words

Slugs And Bugs

Back from the Shadows

The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.  – Psalm 41:3

Man, was I sick.

I had fever for 2 weeks.  374 more words


Studio Update! (Sing the Bible Vol. 2 )

Today is Labor Day in the U.S., and many of our countrymen have the day off. However, Ben and I decided to work a few hours, just to stay on schedule. 109 more words


Deep Gratitude and a CD Cover Controversy!

Today marks the end of our third Kickstarter campaign. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and filled with excitement about it all: getting these particular scriptures in the hearts of my kids and yours, getting to make all this new music with excellence, and partnering with a wide and deep community of believers to do it all together. 115 more words


Days 6 and 7 In the Studio

Day 6:  I SO wish I could play you guys a clip of the song we recorded yesterday. It is my favorite song on the record so far. 522 more words


Day Four In the Studio

The instrument pictured here is called an mbira. My college girlfriend bought it for me in Zimbabwe. Three years later I married that girl, and we wrapped that mbira in newspaper with the rest of my small, odd instruments and moved to Nashville. 234 more words