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Being an American Tourist in Mumbai

I think that the biggest culture shock that Emmi and I have experienced in Mumbai is getting stopped constantly to have our photo taken. People approach us frequently and ask; “Can I take a selfie with you?” and then a line of people who also want a photo with us forms behind them. 328 more words

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The Dharavi Slum, Mumbai, India

My words will never suffice to explain the day I had yesterday, but I will try my best to do the experience justice. When I left the country, I knew one thing for certain; I wanted to be exposed to the truth of the world. 1,184 more words

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An Indonesian Slum gets Painted in Rainbow Colours

May 2017

In Kampung Pelangi, a slum in Indonesia, the government has funded a makeover so the inhabitants could paint the neighbourhood. Kampung Pelangi was painted in vibrant rainbow colours to give the neighbourhood a better image. 10 more words


What Does Ghetto Mean to You

What is ghetto to you?
Like, what is it?
A characteristic?
A diss?
A place or area?
I don’t even think I know what it is to me? 434 more words



How do we function as people after seeing some of the things this world has to offer? Many have seen such devastation and experienced trauma beyond what can be articulated. 536 more words

Indian progress

The glass towers alongside N M Joshi Marg, that thunders towards South Mumbai, reject Indian tradition
Pompous, placeless, voracious, they tread over the heritage of local communities… 180 more words


Looters cause chaos at deadly Philippine fire

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

MANILA (AFP) – Looters mobbed a deadly slum fire in the Philippine capital on Tuesday (May 9), pulling roofing sheets and electric wire from singed homes as firemen scrambled to contain the blaze. 280 more words

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