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Happy with the smartphone

While the others were cursing the long lines at the Bank and ATM, this woman from a Chennai slum seems to be very happy. Is the smartphone in her hand the reason for her cheer? 39 more words


Alert expulsion to Sudan: deportation for one, prison for another

Things have gone faster. Barker received a negative answer to the asylum claim he made yesterday afternoon while in detention, he was taken away handcuffed this morning at 6am at Charles de Gaulle airport, without having time to appeal to the National Court of Asylum Right, a call which would have anyway not stopped the process. 200 more words

Non Classé

Why I Won’t Visit Kibera, Africa’s Largest Urban Slum

The idea of touring a neighborhood simply for photographing and gawking over a community’s appalling living conditions has never appealed to me. I mean, how would you feel if the top 1% came to your neighborhood, your home, and took pictures of your children playing in local parks or of you preparing meals, knowing that they feel great pity for your lifestyle and plan on showing their photos to their 1% community? 581 more words



Being true to self is essential for confidence.

Spasht – means clarity…

Savi conducts SPASHT classes in Dharavi Slum in Mumbai…   her husband sells WADAPAV (poor man’s burger) and they have 2 daughters.. 303 more words

DHARAVI : a city within (final)

Ask any longtime resident—some families that have been there for three or more generations—how Dharavi came to be, and they’ll say, “We built it.” This is not far off. 1,132 more words


DHARAVI : Not What I Expected

A slum is an overcrowded urban street or district inhabited by very poor people. And that is exactly what I thought of Dharavi. It indeed was superbly overcrowded, with socially backward people. 372 more words