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Meet the youths: Japheth Matika

People say being who you are or making once own life a success is an individual effort, I believe strongly that in order for all this to happen, there is a combination of different aspects which maybe PARENTS,FRIENDS and the ENVIRONMENT we grow up in. 107 more words

Wale Wale Kenya

Ausflüge zu einigen Slums von Bucaramanga

Viele der gut 35 Familien von denen wir Patenkinder unterstützen, wohnen in den ärmeren Vierteln Bucaramangas. Ein paar dieser Gebiete konnten wir – zum Teil mit Polizeieskorte – besuchen. 127 more words


Mumbai (Bombay)

There’s not much to add about Mumbai, I’d return for the street food. We had met a kiwi family at dinner the night before I took the train out of goa. 693 more words

Big issue still terribly exist far more than extremely bad living condition

It is relatively short and fast news from Associated Press. The news angle is from the living condition of the Indian people who live in the poverty, which is very objective. 264 more words

update for our campaign

Today it’s payday in Sweden! Spend your money wisely and join our campaign! We have reached $1080 dollar and we have $4920 to go! Contribute to make this art & media center possible! 6 more words

Wale Wale Kenya

I Found Love In Hopeless Place

I had my doubts about Mumbai because it’s big, it’s busy, and I wasn’t really in the mood for either. But India has a way of surprising you and it turned out that this city, with all its contrasts and complexities, was what I needed to stop sulking about missing England. 528 more words


Are there slums in the UK?

Do slums exist in the UK? It’s more complicated than that.

Peter Marcuse’s blog has a ‘critical discussion’ on the nature and role of slums. This lead me to ask whether there are slums in the UK, or, more specifically, whether housing in poorer parts or areas of the UK is of substantially worse quality that in richer parts. 258 more words