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Slumber by Wahab Zaynab 

Chatterboxes, both of them. ‘Why won’t they stop talking?’

‘I don’t want to hear about your silly escapades in school. I don’t care! I wish I was the only child.’ I yelled as I slammed the door on the anxious faces of my younger ones. 533 more words

Short Stories


Yon shackled beast roused from slumber
Will anon wreak furies and havocs adorned with glower
Upon gaolers patrolling with jangling rings
Played in symphony with silent drums… 12 more words



Earthmoving machinery provides the soundtrack.

Machinations and ruminations of a life that paused to long on the dead-end track.

Submerged and hidden in projections of reaponsibility and mainstreamed individuals who lacked vision and gumption. 76 more words

All That Stuff

"That's You"

There comes a time,
When you don’t want to go out.
There comes a time,
When you don’t want to party all night.
There comes a time, 363 more words


Ere yon oily beast may wrap me in its tendrils
Challenge it must stand
And prise me from a slumber
I am loath to abandon

©Heather Coldstream


Today's Thought: Sleepy Time

The Blessing of Adversity: We slumber when we neglect the spiritual disciplines, failing to take time for prayer and Bible study

Daily Thoughts

Ambien Dreams

It’s not fair that I get to indulge in

such an intoxicating experience at

bedtime. A feel that everyone

should feel. A feeling that should… 39 more words