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Virtual Reality

Morning twilight.

Not being able to experience

The passion,

The tribulations and

The joys of the outside world.

Not being able to live as you are still immersed in… 11 more words



That time between the worlds, secession

Where sleep is dream and wake is a question

Where our souls get closer to where our spirits dwell… 147 more words



Your silent spell, she slithers over the moon,
Through the crisp cold mist that I breathe,
And she obeys your every command and tune,
So I may drink from the river of Lethe. 155 more words


'Slumber' a moment captured in pastel

After my husband leaves home for his office, the dogs find one of our many cosy chairs and fall Iinto a deep slumber. I usually sit, enjoying the birdsong outside and reading, writing my poetry, catching up with my nature diary, or sketching. 130 more words

Upcycled Armchair

black & white sunday: darkness and light

Purple butterflies

fly at night through my dreams.

Butterflies, tell me,

have you seen in my village

the falling flowers of the wisteria?

~Yosano Akiko* 24 more words


Silence of the Dawn

Wrote this poem today morning in my mother tongue, Assamese (Axomiya) and then Translated to English. 

Dawn’s silence shattered
Through the closed window
Floated sweet chirping of birds… 133 more words