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Let me tuck you in your bed tonight, like how I will try to make a baby fall asleep while I cuddle it tight.

Okay now, close your eyes and let me get a blanket ready for you… or maybe a quilt will do. 275 more words


Call To Awaken (Psalms)

We’ll preach the word until there’s been an awakening

Until men fully understand the word of God

Some are looking for miracles and breakthroughs

But that is not what we’re interested in… 590 more words

Jesus Christ

Haiku - Sleepy

“Awake with sweet dreams
Compersion flows like water
New day beginning”


Winter Prairie

Cold pours down
from the black, starless sky

sheets of cold like sheets of rain
falling from the icy, airless moon

its pale, white light echoed… 21 more words



There is a circle of growth,

a watering of slumber, as the

eyes retreat to the outlands of

shadows where incoming messages

open to hallways of sleep. 68 more words