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When does a dream become a Knightmare?

I hate how frail my mind can be.

I hate that something my subconscious imagination has created can bring so much pain to my entire being. 416 more words


What I Do When I Have Insomnia

It may seem contrary, an oxymoron to say that you have insomnia and you’re sleepy. However, it is possible. For me, there are times where my body feels exhausted (e.g. 263 more words


These Paper People

I’ve never come across anyone

That cares about anything that matters


Not in this town, not in this city

Not in this fragile facility we call a living… 123 more words


insomnia (4)

frantic fingers
dig in deep-

sleep’s wrap pulled
thinner, dream sap

through silks
of pillows,

milk, winter

runs cold,
down throats
of slaughtered

© Anthony Gorman 2018

Hands In The Garden


Hi Beautiful.

Last night I dreamed you came to me in lovely form with a gentle spirit.

The nights I sleep best are the nights you appear in my dreams, nights you come to me in the sweet smell of roses beaming like you’ve won first place in a small town’s annual beauty pageant. 135 more words


What do you mean "woke"?

I have heard this word tossed around for the past few years now and I am to assume that it means the someone has taken the rose colored glasses off and are seeing the world through the eyes of someone who is aware….of what is debatable. 595 more words

Ode to Winter & Sumacs

When Old Man Winter wakes from his annual slumber, I don my coat and my heart becomes bitterly cold. Yearly, he knocks on my door. I always turn him away and tell him that the table is set for Spring. 194 more words