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Poetry: "Before I Sleep, I Think Like This" by Zee Rizon

If I have got to be truly honest
I’m horrible from the rest
Routine bores me drastically
But I go through it secretly

I stripped all feelings that bind me…

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Re-energize the dormant

If you want to be an achiever, or a winner, learn to turn your ideas and plans into action. You may have the best ideas but if they are dormant, they won’t bring you any results. 130 more words

Rain, Rain

pour, patter, puddle
precious water
pinging slumber on tin roofs
promoting valleys of green
promising life abundant
rain on a summer morn


Old Man, Old Dog

Old dog
lying in the sun
chasing rabbits in slumber
dreaming of yesterday’s youth
old man at his side
doing the same


The Somnambulist Soul

each night
i drift in restless slumber,
my soul rises
and walks forever
among the weary travelers
searching for homes within the stars,
in hopes of catching a glimpse… 26 more words

Daylight Slumber

Ennui strikes soft
leaving distinct footprints in my starlit eyes
The world looks interested
I surprise myself
I see through their pretence
Even as I try hard not to succumb… 70 more words