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A Usual Summer Read.

Beneath the pages I slip into a slumber
Lulled into the darkness by the warmth of summer.
In that moment I am drifting
Through scenes I had read… 70 more words


Day 37

My back straight and soft, getting a well deserved hug from the mattress

My eyes blankly, happily, staring at the simplistic but forever fascinating mechanism of a ceiling fan… 42 more words

Morning after Night

The dimming street lights

Fade into the dawn

Streets will feel the

Reverberation of footsteps

Pulsating with city life

Buildings with lights on

Windows like twinkling eyes… 36 more words


The Great Escape

“When you cannot outrun the demons in your head, sleep. When you cannot outsmart the illogical yet persistent part of you, sleep. When you cannot understand how the world can be in such a gruesome chaos in a blink of an eye, sleep. 28 more words


Prince Lionhearted Slumber Bear Premium

This awesome slumber bear give you a good and calm night of sleep
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On Marriage and Slumber


He jostles his hip finding
the sleep-ready sweet-spot;
she may always grimace,
but says not a word of retort.

He has three pillows… 127 more words