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Hmm, and where do you summer?

Guys, I don’t want to alienate any of you, but I can officially say that I now “summer in Maine” like the rich people do. So please no longer make direct eye contact when addressing me, peasants. 696 more words


do websites do intro posts anymore?

I like to tell people I’ve lived in Philadelphia my whole life. But even if your mail goes there, and even if you have a bedroom there, and even that’s what you call “home,” slumming it 300 days a year in the middle of a wack state means you can’t really “live in Philadelphia.” 147 more words


Kid St.

we was just two kids wandering the streets in the am wanting more in our pockets than old lotto tickets and dimes. tired of pushing across counter tops hoping maybe tomorrow we wouldn’t be doing what we did for house and home. 249 more words

A Journey

Life Choices

Hestin was, in the light of things, doing alright at the moment. Yes, after that little show he had completely abandoned all contacts he had in the city, moved to a new abode that was more in his price range, and was having to conceal his identity for fear of being recognised in the street, but when examined against other options, this could be considered “alright”. 821 more words


6 Easy Attitude Adjustments <<< Get Big Results!

Did you know your ATTITUDE affects your entire life?

Did you know at the core of a great attitude is perspective?

Your PERSPECTIVE has a huge effect on your overall level of health, happiness and success. 882 more words

Janet Poole

Slum tourism and adoption.

In a separate post we discussed the “slumming it” [link to post] of adoptive parents. Along these lines, I came across today a CHIFF supporter blog which reads: “After all, the poor will always be with us”. 149 more words

International Adoption

Adopter "slumming".

On Twitter, I came across a discussion of adoptive parents talking about the questions they get asked about adoption; they were defining themselves as having been “ostracized” for their adoptions. 82 more words

General Adoption