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Understanding how to implement successfully a water project in the slums

Recently, Philippe de Roix has shared this video with me on his work. The video shows how he started his social entrepreneurial work in the Philippines and Bangladesh, which impact it has and what he was able to change in the society.  49 more words

Social Business

When Hollywood flooded

Sometimes I wonder, if only I had the power, To prioritize and allocate resources at my will, I could have solved all the problems in our country. 1,006 more words


Behind Blinding Light - Human Larvae

Acoustics are important. There’s no way around that. What the artist intends to be heard and what the listener actually does here can be wildly different, to the detraction of the experience of both parties. 964 more words


The 'Outsider' - city within city

By Nidhi Batra

Whenever I have thought of a city – I thought of it as one large urban theatre, where every actor has a role and a place, a stage which has the latent characteristics of being democratic. 633 more words


Into the slum....

Today we went to the slums (which officially are illegal.) The resettlement areas, where the goverment have housed the poor people, were very poor. The slums are worse. 783 more words


Drone photography captures the dramatic inequality of Nairobi

Kenya, the largest economy in East Africa, has some of the starkest inequality in the region. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Nairobi, where the wealthy and middle class live and work next to slums housing some of the country’s poorest. 426 more words

Chapter 7-Finding Myself in Africa

Chapter 7

On my fourth day in this poor, third-world country I wake up to realize I enjoy the rooster crowing at 6 a.m. It’s like a nifty alarm clock I don’t have to set; he goes off at 15-minute intervals like clockwork, snooze button included! 1,631 more words