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Crane the Man - Harran Slums

Crane sure was making a name for himself at the Tower. Weird. I mean, I followed him the entire way and no one noticed. Must be the camera: it makes people shy.

Watch Out Suburban Detroiters – The Slums are Following You

Hey suburanites, the slums are coming to ruin your paradise. The Inner Ring suburbs — Harper Woods, Warren, Hazel Park, Redford, Livonia, Dearborn Heights, Allen Park and others — are all starting to show signs of disinvestment and blight. 730 more words

Moo - Harran Slums

Not too sure why it’s there, and why that shape. But hell, it was there and I was chronicling…

Cat Valley - Harran Old Town

Perhaps one of the largest pieces I’ve seen so far.

theatre review - behind the beautiful forevers

Katherine Boo taught me what creative non-fiction really means. It means staying true to the characters that you choose to represent, because their stories belong to them. 454 more words


Bunnies! - Harran Slums

Bunnies drawn next to a box Crane took two hours trying to open. He must have kicked it 50 times before it gave in…