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Welcome to The Streets

Hey everyone!

I don’t know what I am doing. Good thing though is that this is a new start. I’ve been meaning to start a photo-story blog, however, I couldn’t find any thing. 169 more words


The Concrete Jungle

Took a new route home from work the other day.

I started out like I usually do – down the industrial leg. ┬áThe cemetery did some judicious tree-trimming along their fence, so I no longer have to dodge the long boughs to get through. 778 more words

Using Apps to Empower Girls in Mumbai

There is always talk of new technology being useful in the classroom for the benefit of student learning, but it’s quite something else when it’s being used in one of the world’s most densely populated areas that happens to be a slum. 265 more words


Humans of Karachi

I was born and raised in the wastelands of Karachi. These mountains of waste and garbage are the only hills and cliffs I’ve ever played on. 269 more words


Mumbai Landings; slums, sea and street dogs.

So… Here we finally are, 8 months of preparation, saving and long hours gorging on as much information and imagery about India as we could stomach. 726 more words


Multi-billion dollar grant set aside for Healthcare delivery in slums, Nigeria

Nearly a billion people live in slums and these are growing as more people are born and move to cities for greener pastures and better life. 773 more words