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Fearing for Their Lives Emergency Medics Hesitate to Respond to Buenos Aires Slums

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – While responding to an emergency medical call in a Buenos Aires slum one night last summer, Dr. Paula Fernndez capitulated to the demands of street thugs in order to save her life. 14 more words

The Kids at Khar 1.0

It’s 9:45 am and I walk down the steps of my second floor apartment with my backpack and umbrella in hand. I go to meet up with the the volunteer director by the gate of her complex and we walk just a few feet to St. 907 more words


Bad Blood - Chapter V - Homecoming

Every city has slums, home to the dispossessed, the downtrodden and the derelict. Makai has several, each built on top of the other. The Underworld is the lowest, a place where despair strips humanity away, where the hunt for food and heat is constant, where eating your neighbour isn’t a crime but just the next meal. 1,188 more words


Can You Change the Way Someone Thinks?

Read the prequel: How to Become a Nine-Year-Old Drug Dealer

When it seems as though these children have nowhere to turn, Mr. Arif enters the scene with his new shelter home for kids like these. 787 more words

How to Become a Nine-Year-Old Drug Dealer

You swear you’ll do it for real this time as you reach for your Power Rangers backpack. First survival essential that must be packed—juice boxes. How could they even think about taking away the Nintendo!? 501 more words

Understanding Kibera Slums And Its People

Disclaimer: My words, thoughts and opinions only.

In the light of the happenings of Kibera early this week, we would say that we are all disappointed at the behaviour of the rowdy “youths who burnt down the projects that had been built for them. 1,064 more words

Life Stories

Someone's shy to look at the camera.

Just before I took the pic of the little gal above, I was jogging through the slums of Indiranagar and realised the huge contrast between the two sides of the neighbourhood. 93 more words