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Poo Brains -- July Prayer Newsletter

The Gist
Cultural learning will be a huge part of my experience in the first few months that I am in the Philippines.  I will be like a child again, but I must be very careful to adopt an attitude of humility to be used by God.   1,025 more words

India most populous by 2025 & Nigeria #3 by 2050 - United Nations

According to the United Nations, India is set to become the world’s most populous country by 2025. In addition, Nigeria’s population is said to outgrow that of the United States and become the third most populous nation by 2050. 314 more words

Sathyavani Muthu Nagar and Elephant Gate Slums, Chennai

Chennai: According to the 2011 Census, Chennai is home to a slum population of approximately 59 lakh. This accounts for almost 17% of the urban population. 975 more words


Us & Them:The divided India

Though traveling in public buses in most cities is often an uphill task but it is here that one encounters  people who are unusual yet interesting. 465 more words

Mumbai, India

Before I came to India, I had heard it all.


  • “OMG! Everyone gets diarrhea!!!
  • “India? Why would you do that to yourself?”
  • “Nothing in the world can prepare you for India.”
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Parallel Reality

Haven’t all the breaking hearts at one point considered the existence of a parallel universe where things go right? We find consolation in the thought that somewhere else a grief-stricken chapter of our lives ends in rejoicing. 424 more words


What Government Demolishes Homes in the Pouring Rain?


What kind of government demolishes homes in the pouring rain? A government that is confident that the chattering classes will not be bothered. 1,145 more words

Amita Kanekar