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New Sour Patch Watermelon Slurpee!!

If you haven’t tried the new Sour Patch® Watermelon Slurpee® exclusively from 7-Eleven, let me tell you…YOU ARE TOTALLY MISSING OUT! If you’re a Sour Patch lover or just simply enjoy sour, fruity treats, then you’ll surely like this drink. 62 more words


We’re still number one: Manitoba once again named Slurpee Capital of the World

It’s official, Manitoba has once again been crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World.

This marks the 16th straight year our province has picked up the sugary honour, and 7-Eleven has an all day celebration planned next Saturday—the convenience store chain’s 46th birthday—to mark the occasion. 127 more words


It’s the Little Things

The wind has died down, the sun has finally come out and the hub has gone fishing.  But before he left he read to me.  From the Bible. 277 more words


The Nauseating Truth About Slurpie Movies

No, no, no, not Slurpee Movies as in “movies you should bring a Slurpee to.”

Slurpie Movies.

What’s a Slurpie Movie? Any movie where a a slug, worm, mollusk, or some kind of sluglike/wormlike/mollusklike creature, often from outerspace, often parasitic, infects a human body and proceeds to wreak havoc as only a parasitic alien slug/worm/mollusk can. 443 more words

7-Eleven Announces Another Faygo-Flavored Slurpee!

7-Eleven is bringing a little bit more Detroit to everyone’s favorite frozen treats!

The convenience store chain announced yesterday that they will now offer up another Faygo-flavored Slurpees: Rock & Rye! 105 more words


Sticky Vinyl


Miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
to go in a hungry deep green Ford Gran Torino
and Are We There Yet… 275 more words

#Project365 Day 134

Well, good thing I went along with the boyfriend to get his Slurpee or else I would’ve failed! This is a picture I sent to the roomie to ask what size she wanted, lol.