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Ocean Turned into Giant Slurpee / Martin Armstrong

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Ocean turned into Giant Slurpee
by Martin Armstrong
  Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh; Instagram: @jdnphotography; Website: http://www.jdnphotography.com Jonathan Nimerfroh’s amazing photograph of what is being called the “Slurpee Wave” was shot at Nantucket and it has gone viral. 78 more words

Cold temps make 'slurpee waves' in the Atlantic

Plummeting temperatures and severe winter weather has broken records across the nation this season. February was the sixth coldest month in history for Virginia alone. 267 more words


See the slushy 'Slurpee' waves of Nantucket

(PIX11) - Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh says he couldn’t believe his eyes when he showed up at a Nantucket beach to find semi-frozen, chunky waves curling towards the shore. 271 more words


Frozen Ocean Creates Slushy Slurpee-like Waves

The winter weather in the northeastern United States has been absolutely brutal compared to recent years. It’s gotten so cold in Nantucket, Massachusetts that even the ocean waves have turned to frozen slush. 20 more words


Slurpees and Chips and Spinache?

I am so sick of being on a diet. There I said it. Man it feels good to have that off my chest. I’m glad I finally told someone.Let me tell you how I get through each day of this ‘Dr.Phil 20/20 Diet’. 453 more words

Confessions of a Caffeine Ho

Buena Vista, Colorado must be the only town on the planet without a Starbucks. That’s not to say there isn’t an overpriced coffee house around…there’s a hipster shop down on Main Street roasting some exotic Brazilian blend that will put hair on a cue-ball and set you back 7 bucks a cup. 740 more words


{Review} Slurpee

Siapa yang gak kenal salah satu waralaba yang satu ini, tempat berkumpulnya anak anak gaoel seantero jakarta dan sekitarnya ini, memiliki salah satu minuman andalannya. yaitu slurpee. 311 more words