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I quit drinking slurpees

My name is Cee Kay and I used to be an addict. A coke addict. Okay… more like a coke-flavored Slurpee addict. Whenever the weather was warm I immediately got a Slurpee. 317 more words

I was thinking 'bout Alicia Keys

I wonder what could

be if there was time to see

this play out. If only.


Ripped From The Headlines Found On The Internet

Digg.com Sunday February 8th 2015  – ” Millennials are eating ungodly amounts of Nacho cheese and Slurpees ”  Below that I expected to see a photo of an Iowa farm boy drinking an ear of corn I can only imagine what the George W Bush library must be like


Hot and Cold

30 minutes before noon after fixing my things, I headed straight the road and rushed to get a jeepney for my first ride. I wonder about the same scenario I am about to experience again. 404 more words


I Brake for Spoon Straws

Should I be embarrassed that I stop at 7-11 everyday? Probably. I’m a 35 year old woman – I should be at Panera. Or at the very least – the Starbucks inside of Vons. 517 more words

The Sweetest Marshmallow Cola Dessert To Ever Dessert. Ever.

I love sweets. I don’t care what form they are in. I don’t have just a sweet tooth – I have a sweet, um, I don’t know. 631 more words

Gluten Free

I Ate All The Sugar and Forgot How To Werc-Owt....Werk-Ought....Work-Out.

It’s that time of year again, time to reevaluate your life as a human being and get really pissed off about who you’ve become.

You’re fat, you’re lazy, your bed is your best friend, you’re borderline diabetic. 630 more words