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No, they really don't get it, Digby

Digby has a post about a rather nasty but extremely to the point ad that the Republicans are running.  It’s of a woman discussing her bad boyfriend and how he made promises he didn’t keep and now she wants nothing to do with his friends.   372 more words


The biggest threat to the American public

After the Trayvon Martin tragedy and the Sandra Fluke/Slutgate latest escalation in the 4 year war on women (that was started by the Democrats, ironically enough), I have determined that the biggest threat to the United States of America and the majority of people who live here is white men.


SOTD Double Dose: Lupe Fiasco and Reformed Whores

So TMMV missed the boat on Black History Month this February (sorry! I’m a working class schmuck again with little time to blog), but we wanted to make it up to y’all with a double dose of music to celebrate this hard-won holiday as well as… 78 more words

By Sam

Laugh to Keep from Crying

… or, in this case, screaming.  How can anyone not be incensed at the offensive, hateful (not to mention illogical) statements that pundits and politicians make about women on a regular basis? 234 more words

By Dani

Saturday: Obama Epic Fail on Slutgate #standwithsandra

This is going to be a stream of consciousness post because I’m still trying to sort out what’s going on here.  But I think what we are seeing is something like what happened with Occupy last fall.   3,070 more words


ROI on pulled ads

In the wake of Sleep Train Mattress Centers pulling all ads from Rush Limbaugh, hatred for Rush turned to support for STMC.

Compared to exposure/sales pre-Slutgate, how will ROI on pulling ads and garnering consumer support compare in the short term? 15 more words