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Disney Princesses Ranked By Sluttiness

Whether we like it or not, Disney’s been priming us to be whores since we left the womb. Next time you go on a tinder-bender and would like to adamantly deny screwing a six, blame Walt. 648 more words


Confused vs. Confucius

In the age of feminism, women in particular are being told to be confident within themselves and own the skin they’re in. However, magazines seem to be adopting a bipolar persona. 190 more words

Are Male Celebrities Alpha?

Normally whenever a celebrity dude expresses his opinion you see two responses. The first is from major league fans, who nod and agree, hoping to catch the mist of his sweat as it soaks through his tight v-neck shirt. 537 more words

I am not putting slut shaming in my book

His Possession is currently the #1 “best vampire story” on Wattpad. Not “most popular,” not “most views,” not “most likes,” not “most comments,” but “ 1,495 more words

Email #10 (a poem)

Hi, it’s me again

I know, another email

Can I

be your friend?

just click “accept friend request”

it’s online, safe like your gated community… 73 more words


I believe the children are our future. Teach them STEM. Walk them around downtown Alexandria on a chain gang.

If you’ve loafed around these pages much, you won’t be surprised to hear that yuppie eugenics are a self-regenerative damnation upon America and that Jeremiah Wright’s prayers are superfluous. 2,104 more words

College-educated Elites