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An Absolutely Dope Podcast: Sluts, Sides and Malachiae

It’s Episode 20 and we have a special guest! Malachiae Warren all the way from ATL. Destiny is also our special guest for this week. We talk Ambers Slut Walk and the possible missed message as well as Victor Cruz and why Matt Barnes is the perfect guy. 13 more words


Let's define what a "Slut" is shall we?

It occurred to me today that there is a very interesting and diverse definition of what a “slut” is.

I think traditionally it has meant someone, usually a female, who “sleeps around”. 601 more words


Slut Parade

Whatever you do in this world, please try not to offend anyone. Try never to say something that hurts their feelings. Try not to tell them they are wrong. 1,748 more words


She’s a slut

Now, at first glance, when I read the words “Slut Walk” I had a WHOLE problem with it. I thought,

“What in the world is the world coming to?! 744 more words


"Slut Walk" in Los Angeles Oct 3, 2015

Just in case you haven’t had to do a Slut Walk lately when you’ve had to walk through the hotel lobby in the outfit that looked hot last night but is a little too short at 7 in the morning, I have just the thing for you. 103 more words


Where Do I Belong?

Author, Swales, developed a concept of discourse communities which he describes as a community that has an exclusive group that holds common goals, communicates in various ways that provide important information, has many expectations, has an exclusive set of vocabulary they communicate with, and also has exclusive members. 500 more words


Duckface, Explained

One is sick of seeing narcissistic, attention-seeking girls putting up their pictures with a duck-face. Girls today don’t know how to smile anymore. Modern girls think of themselves as cool supermodels and want to appear like one in every freaking display picture. 278 more words

Ills Of Modernity