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Overproduction of elites to an extent that even Pol Pot would be hopeless to fix

Reveal, a C-list NPR program with a sort of intersectionally woke/hotep bent, recently ran an episode on high school education. One of this episode’s segments followed efforts to apply integrated woke racial theory at Berkeley High School, including discussions of why the student body was resegregating along racial lines under the auspices of the school’s five parallel but separate academic tracks (separate but equal?) and how white students can be allies without being, like, obnoxious and offensive about it (something Stalin might have asked Roosevelt and Churchill during the war, too, but whatever). 1,734 more words

College-educated Elites

Growing Up Might Bring Us Down:

Hey, My name is B, and this is the uncensored version of me,

Whiskey Princess, Tequila Tease, SexHugsandBooze, Franklin’s Fair Lady, the worst hang over you’ve ever had… 379 more words

Wank Off This Month - It's Your Duty

May is National Masturbation Month and so be sure and celebrate it often. Every time you Jack Off or Jill Off, you can thank the surgeon general for the recommendation. 137 more words

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Link: Manwhores as poor husband material

She always goes for the nice perspective, doesn’t she? Never gives them a smack and the blunt truth.


“In this culture, though, plenty of guys have lots of casual sex while young, fully intending to…

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Bougie is as Bougie does, and Bougie don't know how to budget no more

This viral confessional piece by Neal Gabler managed to inspire my sympathy for some reason, not my righteous disgust. Maybe it’s just that Gabler is particularly eloquent at talking the story of haut bourgeois woe, smoothly eliding the embarrassments. 1,915 more words

College-educated Elites

Hastert may be a perv, but the transcendent legal truth is that Denny dindu a damn thing

Dennis Hastert was sentenced to fifteen months in federal prison today for sex crimes that he has not and will never be convicted of committing. The crime to which he did in fact plead guilty was the structuring of bank withdrawals, a patently tyrannical statute that serves no legitimate public safety or welfare purpose but has been kept on the books as a dragnet that prosecutors can use to catch organized criminals, or disorganized ones, against whom they do not have evidence of genuine criminality. 1,585 more words

College-educated Elites

Radar love in flyover country

There’s a stretch of a hundred-odd miles to points northwest of Reno where the only station I can reliably tune into on my car radio is an Immaculate Heart Radio translator out of Quincy. 2,284 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs