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More overproduction of elites: sorry, Mrs. Astor, we're all out of Waldorfs

Last night I made the mistake of watching CNN [‘s coverage of the Al Smith Dinner]. If you’re familiar with the denotation of long and short forms of mass readings, you know what I did there, and you probably agree that Cardinal Dolan was present to attend to the damned temporalities. 1,622 more words


A substantial overproduction of elites: your momma's so fat, even Donald Trump called her fat!

Far be it from me to refrain from pigsploiting St. Louis White Community leader Sam Dotson for being a sworn stout shorty. When I see the morbidly obese undertaking their belabored pilgrimages to the food lines at all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets, I snicker a bit inside, and sometimes outside as well; the struggle is real. 2,535 more words

College-educated Elites


april 15

shit. paying 5 dollars to get an “OFFICIAL” pdf transcript of my 70 credits at community college. well, it looks better than an unofficial transcript. 3,125 more words

The sexist bias of infidelity stats

I wanted to post this.


Alongside the male counterpart, which would be scientific.

One problem.

The male data doesn’t exist. Making the entire concept worthless for discussion. 1,361 more words


Clinton and Trump 2016: An Intellegent, Comprehensive Analysis from Fifth Graders

(Politics)  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both vying for the office of President of the United States. With Election Day just around the corner, it makes sense that both candidates are being endlessly analyzed by adults. 166 more words



You often come across objects you’d like to see often,

Objects you’d desire to be touched by only you,

Objects you often depend on as well, 198 more words

Go away.....please

My hunch says this was 100% an inside job by the most annoying member of the most annoying family in the history of life… I would rather have a breakfast burrito with Hitler than hang out with the Kartrashians… I know that is hardashian to believe but boy, they are just the worst…  The only time this trog doesn’t have a GoPro stuck up her caboose is the one time she gets held up by gunpoint?   44 more words