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My life is real.  REal scary.  I suppose that everyone has something they aren’t exactly open about sharing. A month after my father died my mother has been moving and getting rid of every memory of my beloved father whom btw….is the money she is using to be a stupid whore.    419 more words


Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Avenged Sevenfold - "Beast And The Harlot"

Well ahoy there you booze soaked cretins of the spooky dark!  How has this week been treating you so far?  Did you stay up late last night finishing a paper for a class you don’t give a shit about and then went home to get turbo stoned and ended up watching old comedy routines on youtube in your underwear while telling your cat that you will one day make her your wife……? 804 more words

Robin Goodfellow



The world’s ongoing fascination with porn stars continues to power a multibillion dollar sex industry, but what are the real names behind the action? 624 more words

Evils Of Feminism

Lisa Ann Biography: Porno Wiki Leaks


Lisa Ann born Real Name Lisa Ann Murphy is an ugly pornographic whore, hooker and Gay Mafia member. Find out more about this person’s life before porn by looking at the porn star’s real name page, Lisa Ann Murphy. 869 more words

Evils Of Feminism

Misanthropic X10 Today

May as well write something while the night club is blasting it’s crappy music really loud. I planned on watching a few thriller movies, but the thumping of the bass is louder than the movie. 1,657 more words