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Go shorty, it's your Earth Day; we're gonna party, like it's your Earth Day

Ali G. once got Christie Todd Whitman to recite this bit of poetry in her capacity as an EPA administrator, and coming from her under his tutelage it was indeed poetic. 2,786 more words

College-educated Elites

Woman Molests Boy, Boasts About It Online And Gets Away With It

There is no shortage of female psychopaths, criminals, murderers, molesters, rapists, etc, but the thing that stands out for me is how a woman can commit a heinous crime, and then feel proud about it riding on the back of the fact that laws support women. 30 more words


To Grin, or to Bare it?

There are almost a hundred different approaches to understanding feminism, and expressing support for it. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer bearing all in the name of confidence, whereas Ellen DeGeneres and others prefer to take a subtler approach. 161 more words

Disney Princesses Ranked By Sluttiness

Whether we like it or not, Disney’s been priming us to be whores since we left the womb. Next time you go on a tinder-bender and would like to adamantly deny screwing a six, blame Walt. 648 more words


Confused vs. Confucius

In the age of feminism, women in particular are being told to be confident within themselves and own the skin they’re in. However, magazines seem to be adopting a bipolar persona. 205 more words

Are Male Celebrities Alpha?

Normally whenever a celebrity dude expresses his opinion you see two responses. The first is from major league fans, who nod and agree, hoping to catch the mist of his sweat as it soaks through his tight v-neck shirt. 537 more words