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Study: The Harmful Effects of Early Sexual Activity and Multiple Sexual Partners Among Women




Men have generally viewed female promiscuity in a negative light.

Telegony. Might be true, too.


This report examines the linkages between early initiation of sexual activity, number of non-marital sex partners, and human well-being.

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Why Do "Nice Girls Dress Like Sluts at Halloween?

The eternal question, Why Do “Nice” Girls Dress Like Sluts at Halloween? And once again I pondered this interesting question on Halloween.

Do all “nice” girls have a secret slut side that they let loose one time a year? 373 more words


Porn Wiki Leaks Page


I’m only posting this merely to show support to those that are exposing the lives of the morons, jews, freemason whites, and other sick filths that are involved in the porn industry. 47 more words

Jewish Question

Demographic scattershot, this time without Doge

1) Vox Day argues that the Iranian government’s proposed battery of natalist legislation, including priority hiring for men with children and restrictions on access to contraception, is a… 1,175 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs

Equal pay

It shouldn’t even be at issue. The occasional chauvinistic throwbacks that deliberately pay their female employees less than their male employees for the same duties as a matter of policy should be easy enough to sue into compliance with the law. 2,572 more words

College-educated Elites

Guys, Your Girlfriend Is A Slut, But That's Okay

Are you feeling insecure that your girl has been with a lot of guys? That she’s had sex with two guys in one night…had tons of low quality sex – like the guy from San Diego she hooked up with just because he offered to pay for her trip? 2,267 more words