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Rape and stuff: some depressing odds and ends from around the internet

1) A Stanford coed made the New York Times Magazine by getting raped by her rich techie mentor-cum-boyfriend on a junket in Rome. They returned to the Bay Area, and he raped her again and again when they weren’t cordially dating on a very regular basis, punctuated by e-mail and text message exchanges that spanned the range from mildly smitten to twee. 5,723 more words

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Adria Richards is a psychopath

Or at least something close to it. By the way, sweetheart, truth is an affirmative defense to libel. Enjoy.

The real problem, however, is with the tech industry for allowing Richards to entrench herself and terrorize better people in her midst. 1,778 more words

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Britain: 20-Year-Old Woman ADMITS Making False Rape Accusations Against Two Soldiers

I’ve recently written about one of my students at the university who sought out group sex, but only with men in uniform. Now, here’s a criminal case against a young British woman who falsely claimed two soldiers had attempted to rape her when her boyfriend questioned her about what had been going on. 451 more words

Dubai porta potty

Don’t read this over lunch, unless you’re looking to lose yours. The sexual customs I just learned of are truly unimaginable, so let’s start with a primer… 1,904 more words

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Feminism: A Gargantuan Sham of the Modern World

Mr. Reinhard returns with a short essay….

All work courtesy of L. Reinhard

The Feminist Movement has been around for quite some time. It has been credited with ‘leveling the playing field’ for the ‘female minority’ (it is noteworthy that women actually outnumber men and are, therefore, … 350 more words


Naked and jackin' it in, among other late imperial civic messes, San Diego

Wow Finest city Much mayors Such corrupt Most filner Peddle influens Pretty policechief So gaslamp Very waterfront What contendah

Or, to translate the foregoing for the 18-35 single-and-ready-to-mingle female weekender crowd, meow! 4,441 more words

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