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The more you know, the less you think

Oh hell yes, NBC again. We’ve been quite nasty and naughty for watching that garbage, Mr. Craig. No, that isn’t quite right. Gateside Downlow never did a thing in an airport bathroom that was wrong enough for that network. 1,753 more words

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"Mother Nature will take care of herself" and other excellent Earth Day observances

Go shorty, it’s your, we’re gonna party, like it’s your, etc. What did I do for Earth Day? Jack shit, mostly. I picked up some bottles that had been littered on the roadside, but only for the deposits, I drove too damn much, I ate a big-ass pile of Safeway Chinese takeout out of an even bigger-ass plastic container, and I cut back some blackberries that were crowding out the good shit in a bit of wildland that I’ve very quietly adopted, really just to have something to do. 1,993 more words

College-educated Elites

Stirring the Bernays sauce into the /pol pot, volume two: no time for a eulogy

Our civic ruin will be our national disorientation from observable reality. Shit, phrasing that in the future tense was overly charitable and optimistic. We’re already living deeply and abundantly in that land of make-believe, unto our own walking damnation. 2,488 more words

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Shite privilege

Burn the white flag. I will go down with this garbage barge. Mike Pennington crossed the damn Rubicon and I can testify to it. I wasn’t, as they say in Wyomissing, as swift as I could have been in naming the weasel, but yes, this qualifies as bad blood. 2,738 more words

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The additional further education of Heywood Jablomie: above my payoff grade

Let’s dox a piece of shit. The legal identity of the guy I’ve been calling Heywood Jablomie is Michael Pennington. In the interest of discretion, I’ve been anonymizing or pseudonymizing him in these pages, and I’d still be doing so if he hadn’t gone entirely the fuck over the top just overnight, AFTER the Insurance Schmuck had reached out to me late yesterday evening and seemingly resolved the whole mess, much more fully than I’d dared hope. 3,159 more words

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Ah, Harris, from California. Any relation to Robert Alton?

My state’s junior US Senator is up to it again. I actually forget that Kamala Harris represents me, in the spirit of #NotMyPresident. Not hers, either, or so she told Ellen. 839 more words

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me

A slap will sting a word will embed in your brain

A kick will hurt a word will linger… 186 more words

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