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13 Jenama Produk Ini Bunyinya Sangat Pelik dan Lucah!

Pemilihan jenama memang sangat penting dalam memastikan sesebuah produk atau perkhidmatan (servis) yang dilakukan mampu menarik minat orang untuk membelinya.

Akan tetapi, ada juga pengusaha atau pemilik syarikat yang memilih nama yang bersifat lucah,  jelik dan pelik dalam memasarkan produk serta perkhidmatan mereka.

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Oops, I guess I'm a conspiracy theorist now

As the old proverbs and shit hold, don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer. Today’s question, from my dad, was why on earth Barack Obama allowed Congress to strip the DEA of the authority to seize suspect opioid shipments from pharmaceutical companies. 1,449 more words

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Putting the Weiner into Weinstein

Giggity, etc. The Weinstein thing didn’t shock or even particularly surprise me. I was vaguely aware of him as some sort of studio bigshot, i.e., a presumable sleaze. 804 more words

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Female chastity in a western society

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We know that the modern culture encourages young women to slut around before hitting the wall then settle with nice guy providers, having number of partners well in the teens after college despite they understate the number (where as men overstate the number). 45 more words

Involuntary Celibacy

Hey Nice Guys

Fuck you. You can’t get a girl because your personality sucks, you’re ugly, you’re way out of your league, or a combination of all three. You all suck. 395 more words


Of course these motherfuckers booked up all the fancy hotels

Oleander, growing outside her door, soon it’s gonna be impossible to get a room up in Annandale. By which I inevitably, and unfortunately, mean Carlisle. What a creepy little shithole of a city, or a borough, or whatever the fuck that den of authoritarian rednecks wishes to call it. 2,158 more words

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Lives of quiet desperation and shit

This story is going to be way too emo, even for my worst tastes, but my dad and I barely avoided an outright argument over my plan to go out to Stewart’s and get some half on Saturday night instead of having him pick it up when he went to get (what else?) the damn Times on Sunday morning. 1,530 more words

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