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Is Amber Rose Sending The Right Message With Her Slut Walk? #RapNews #RapInterviews #BigUpH97

Is Amber Rose Sending The Right Message With Her Slut Walk? #RapNews #RapInterviews #BigUpH97 Read More – https://wp.me/p60eNF-b5f

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When you say you're a virgin... dum dum dum

I’d always thought there were two types of men in this scenario. They ask about sex because apparently it’s the only classy thing they know to talk about. 353 more words

Journal Entry

What Are Award Shows Awarding?

I need to vent and Twitter does not provide me with enough characters to do so.

When did music award shows stop focusing on the music that an artist makes, and start focusing on the kind of body that they possess? 620 more words

National Lampoon's 'Senior Trip' : 20 Years Later

(Review) It has been two decades since the release of National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. When it first came out in 1995, it was unanimously considered one of the worst films released under the once-beloved Lampoon umbrella. 63 more words


5 Things We Can Expect from the 32nd MTV VMAs


The MTV Video Music Awards – aka one of, if not, the most hallowed pillars in American pop culture – are this weekend.

This is the show responsible for such iconic moments as a wedding dress-clad… 567 more words

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Link: Sluts, Game and stupid decisions

There is no enjoying the decline in this area.
The hedonic treadmill is burning them out, until they’re empty husks of people incapable of love. (The manosphere ignores weakened pair bonding ability… 124 more words

On The Road, with whatever Village It Takes to keep The Road passable

Construe the capitalization however the fuck you like. Does it take any of the Village People to maintain The Road? No, it isn’t that fabulous. In one of life’s small mercies, though, it doesn’t take Steve Hartman, either. 3,262 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs