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The closet slut

Within the harem of my workplace, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few things about Taiwan. Almost all of the women are very kind and fun, hardworking and sensible. 500 more words


Wickedest Backshot: x-rated

True love divines seamless hearts

Bursting uncontrolled desire

Belligerent emotions play part

Balanced on very thin wire

Hope transforms hardest chances

Forgives, when easier levying blame… 210 more words

New Poetry

Summers Over In Vegas

Well I finally faced facts and closed down the pool for the winter. No more naked pool parties and fun times, at least for a few months. 68 more words


Footballers:Too much money= being a bit shitty


Just watched a BBC3 documentary called “Footballers, Sex, Money: What’s gone wrong?”, basically exploring football culture and it’s approach to sex and money. The obvious conclusion was that young footballers aren’t educated and nurtured, so when they are fed mass amounts of ridiculous money they think they’re billy big bollocks having it as an excuse to shag sluts behind their partners backs, sexually assault women (sometimes girls) and in some cases-though this wasn’t covered in the programme- be aggressive. 305 more words

Rant Shizz

More multilevel marketing: Scumberry

An old college friend’s wife has been spamming me and a bunch of other dudes with marketing copy for her DIY fingernail accessory hustle as part of a Facebook “event” called “Awesome Men Get Jamberry For Her.”  I guess I’m not awesome, then. 1,225 more words

College-educated Elites