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The awesome unseriousness of the political class

Maybe it’s just the grand cycle of history that every eighty or hundred years we come to be governed by insatiable, totalitarian rentiers. Maybe we should just be thankful that, come next January, the US government may finally turn the corner and impose meaningful limits on robber baron and MBA depredation after only thirty or so years. 2,470 more words

College-educated Elites

To the SLUTS out there

Ever since young, we’ve been told time and again that the more guys a girl dates, the cheaper she gets. (This is a nice way of phrasing ‘ YOU’RE A SLUT’ ) But why is it that it is the opposite of a man? 262 more words


Modern Women want Freedom without Responsbility

If you meet a modern woman who waxes eloquent about being a “strong independent woman” and who is brainwashed with the rhetoric of #YOLO and “my life my choices”, tell her that: 312 more words


Ashpal Kaur Bhogal is a deranged, dangerous slut

So this British citizen woman of Punjabi descent has complained to Punjab Police to book her ex on charges of sexual harassment and “mentally, physically and emotionally torturing” her. 948 more words

False Accusations

The Girl Who Wanted a D**K Pic

This is not a girl I actually met, but interesting none-the-less.  I’ve been on numerous Tinder dates and from what girls have told me, the constant theme is that Tinder is basically a parade of dick pics.   660 more words

Tinder Stories

Email #10 (a poem)

Hi, it’s me again

I know, another email

Can I

be your friend?

just click “accept friend request”

it’s online, safe like your gated community… 72 more words


The Girl Who Called Me a Pussy

Yup, you read the title correctly.  I would like to forewarn my readers that this story is a bit sexually explicit at times, but I don’t go into extreme detail.   683 more words

Tinder Stories