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I hate sluts.

I first want to start by clarifying the difference between a fuck girl and a slut… A fuck girl is above all else classy. Sleep with whomever you want, talk to whomever you want, AS LONG AS HE IS SINGLE. 244 more words

Escort Diaries; Sunday Service

It’s no mystery that I find the subject of blasphemy to be erotic. Not just for the fact that it’s taboo, but because it’s filthy. There is a part of me that knows just writing it will send me to hell, but I don’t fear that anymore. 2,005 more words

Comic: The hypocrisy of men

So many places I could go with this one, I’ll just leave it, for posterity.

Because it’s completely moral to select a wife that’s had more dick than ancient whores*, while insisting other men only settle for The Best, but don’t dare bring up what you literally did. 12 more words

The Evolution Of Prostitution

Earlier tonight, I took a great lady out on a date near an African restaurant in the southwest portion of the city.  I had no idea that the area was STILL a hotbed of prostitution once the lights went down.   524 more words


Christopher Cross crap, at a cost

My parents spent $13,000 or some shit on their pontoon boat and another thousand or two for the dock. Every year they spend, fuck if I can say for sure, but probably another thousand or fifteen hundred on dry dock storage in a big boat shed, glorified as a marina, and eight hundred or so for a crew of rednecks to do a sloppy, half-assed job installing the dock in the spring and removing and stacking it in the fall. 4,249 more words

College-educated Elites

Where The Fuck Do You Get Off?!

I’ve been on the dating app game for almost a year and half, and to be totally honest, it’s complete and total bullshit. Girls on these apps take themselves too seriously and have zero self-awareness, which in turn, leads to unreasonable expectations, which inevitably leads to being let down and “disenchanted with love.” The girls on these apps want guys who are six-foot five, shredded, with a “great personality” (whatever the fuck that’s supposed mean), a dog, and oh yeah, a six-figure salary (because how else would they be able to go on “adventures” and take trendy Instagram pictures near infinity pools and roof-top bars that overlook the city skyline?). 627 more words