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Friday Five: The Random Edition

(1) I used to be kinda indifferent about Led Zeppelin, but for the past couple months have been mainlining it at a LOUD volume.

(2) I’m still having to run back and forth on the one flat street in my neighborhood due to glute issues and yesterday did three miles with the help of Sly & the Family Stone. 66 more words

The Same Thing

This song doesn’t even need many words as the title itself is so potent. Life can often make you feel like you’re running on a treadmill with your cause for joy turning into your reason for sorrow without warning or explaination. 325 more words

My Thoughts

Sly & The Family Stone To Release Live at the Fillmore East October 4th & 5th, 1968

Sly & The Family Stone were one of the most powerful acts in music in 1968. To commemorate this point in their career, the band is planning on releasing a four disc compilation from their two night run at New York City’s Fillmore East in October, 1968. 205 more words


Pop Soul

In the 60’s Mowtown brings Soul music to mainstream.

Throughout the 70’s, many artists followed the lead. Whilst keeping words raw, their music became more mainstream, forming a genre best known as Soul-Pop. 26 more words

70-80's Music

I Hate Me, part 538,530

An older guy came in with a stack of records. He said he used worked in the “industry”, I thought he meant music but when he opened his yap I realized that whatever industry he was in had nothing to do with music. 165 more words

Sly & the Family Stone

“Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” b/w “Everybody is a Star” (1969) is one of the first mainstream funk singles, reaching the top of the U.S. 15 more words


Creativity, Soul, & Music: Song Number Seven.

Good evening, friends. I skipped a day. Totally didn’t post a song yesterday. Fail. But, maybe it was a nice break for you all? I suppose it could be kind of annoying to see my posts cluttering up your reader every day. 326 more words

Creative Writing