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Polyphonic Me Sm2 - Evaluation

Creating a non conventional song was always the idea behind this track, we wanted it to be abstract and quite simply really spooky which I feel we managed to capture in some ways but I feel that nerves took over the final performance. 591 more words


PolyPhonic Me Sm2 - Developmental performance

Task 4 – Developmental performance

Group – Ophelia Neville, Chloe Wood and Rosie Mountjoy (myself)

After creating the playlist for the last task it really spurred on ideas of what we can create using loopers and being able to layer harmonies. 502 more words


Plug and Play Sm2 - Reflect

Set task 5 – Write a 500 word reflection on the composition and production of your track, focusing on the creative and technical aspects of your production methodology. 523 more words


Plug and Play Sm2 - Mixing and Mastering

The Process of Mixing and Mastering my song was the part I was dreading but also looking forward to the most as I hadn’t mixed or mastered any thing before. 601 more words


Polyphonic me Sm2 - Looping

Task 2 – Looping technique

For this looping task I chose to use my voice as the instrument to be looping. I mapped the trigger for the loop to the first A key on the midi and I used this to record, play and record over. 25 more words


Plug and play Sm2 - Practice mix and master

While learning to use pro tools in the studio our lecture group for split up into four groups and we each recorded a verse and chorus of a song, this was so we could be taught how to use the studio and also we could use the audio recorded after to have a practice mix and master on which for me has benefitted hugely as I didn’t have a clue where to start. 152 more words