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Superstar Showcase: Sami Zayn

Superstar Showcase Main Roster Debut Accomplishment Signature Win Sami Zayn March 2016 NXT Championship Defeated Kevin Owens at Battleground in July 2016

What on earth is going on with Sami Zayn? 806 more words


Thoughts on the WWE Brand Split, And A Few Things They Could Do To Make The Product Even Better

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling you’re also quite likely a fan of WWE, as they are the biggest game in town when it comes to the wrestling industry.   1,352 more words

John Cena - The Most Important Wrestler in WWE

June 11th 2006, ECW One Night Stand. Rob Van Dam stood in the ring awaiting his opponent. A figure emerged holding his title up high and his head down to the floor as a torrent of boo’s rained down upon him. 1,177 more words


Santa’s Sweet-Shingled Candy Crib

Necco® Wafers for the win! My daughter’s decision to cover the roof of her entry for our family’s 2015 Graham Cracker Smackdown with the famously-nostalgic Neccos ( 41 more words

AJ Styles- Why the Phenomenal One is Best For Business

I used to love watching the show immediately after a wrestling Pay-Per-View event. I anticipated how the big matches would change the landscape of the roster, feuds, and championship contenders. 331 more words

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Clash of Champions Preview

CEOHaize and Mimi Chelles prediction what’s going to happen at Clash of Champions and also get into a heated debate on if Seth Rollins original title run was a good story told by the WWE writers. 19 more words