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Plein Air at D'Arbonne Lake

D’Arbonne Lake (watercolor on paper). The weather is just about perfect these days for plein air painting, so my friend Donna and I have been taking advantage of it. 15 more words

Plein Air at Black Bayou

Black Bayou (watercolor on paper). The water was very low and there were lily pads everywhere, but the lake had its own beauty. Enjoyed seeing so many red-winged blackbirds all in one place.

They're Always Deeper than They Seem

They’re Always Deeper than They Seem (ink drawing; digital color). Part of my “Daily Something” series. This one took a long time to work the color scheme. 13 more words

Things are Looking Up

Things are Looking Up (ink drawing w/digital color), part of my “Daily Something” series. With this piece, I forced myself to use markings that I don’t usually use, and what showed up are arrows, wavy shapes, rotating squares, and tear drops. 78 more words

Tempting the Sea

Tempting the Sea (ink drawing; digital color), part of my “Daily Something” series.
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Plein Air painting at Landry Vineyard

Landry Winery, plein air painting (watercolor on paper, 8″ x 8″). WAG (Women Artists Group) did a little plein air at the Landry Winery yesterday. The weather was perfect, and the landscape was lovely. 14 more words

The Garden Sun

The Garden Sun; watercolor; “Daily Something” series