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Garden Thoughts

Garden Thoughts is a “Daily Something” drawing. In this piece, I used my brand new Prismacolor watercolor pencils. They’re very nice, soft and easy to manipulate with water and brush.

Hidden Hearts II

Using the same ink drawing, I’ve digitally colored it with pinks and reds. This is Hidden Hearts II, another “Daily Something.”

Hidden Hearts

 Hidden Hearts is a little “Daily Something” in my sketchbook, created with ink pen and colored digitally.

Fish Fish

Fish Fish is an ink drawing in my sketchbook, a “Daily Something,” that has digital color applied.

Horse Heads

Horse Heads is an ink pen drawing in my sketch book, a “Daily Something,” that has digital color added. I’m enjoying adding digital color to my drawings, but it’s a little nerve-racking because if you “pour” the color into a shape and there’s a slight opening in the line, everything around it becomes that color (hence, the black background when I tried to correct an area).

Green Fish

Green Fish is a part of a series called “Daily Something.” This piece is created with ink pen in a 5″ x 9″ sketchbook. It was scanned and colored digitally.

Mark Making

Mark Making, a little drawing done in my sketchbook today and part of what  I call “Daily Something.”  I love to put the ink pen to paper and see where it goes. 16 more words