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Small Bites: New Cider Shop, Arkville Ups & Downs, Picnics, Farm Store/Cafe

Small Bites is a recurring feature that includes a round-up of news and notes from other media sources. (We love tips, by the way! Send them… 157 more words

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Sustainable Kitchen 365 is a place where local, healthy and creative eating comes to life, with an essence of Vermont, and a lifestyle full of beauty in all its senses. 111 more words

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S'mores Pops

I LOVE S’MORES!!!!  Yes, it’s true.  I love S’mores, how ’bout you??  If you answered yes to that, you must make these S’mores Pops immediately. 135 more words

Small Bites

Single Serve Soft Pretzel

Sometimes you just want to make a single pretzel. Sometimes, there’s only one to serve. For me, a good soft pretzel can be very comforting, and given that I’m currently living by myself (until 25 July), it’s easier to just make one pretzel and not worry about having leftovers. 333 more words


Mini Banana Cream Cookie Pies

Mmmmmmm, bananas.  If you’re a fan of Banana Cream Pie, you will adore these easy to make, bite-sized cookie pies.  The hardest part about making this recipe is trying to not eat all of the pies yourself.  400 more words


Small Bite: Real chili does NOT have beans

Everybody thinks they know how to make chili. Some people do, some people don’t. Both types of people are fine, but what many of them fail to understand is that real chili is not supposed to have beans. 524 more words


Swedish caramel butter cookies

So I wanted to make something new for my cookie jar, since the chocolate meringue was almost out.. I decided to make something most elderly in Sweden eat when we’re having a “fika”. 196 more words

Small Bites