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the perks of small breasts ||

I’m feeling inspired on a Wednesday afternoon, as I look back on my old article: The Perks of Small Breasts to write about why it’s good to embrace having small breasts. 710 more words


Odd Incident

Just had a great meeting with a new rep for a contract agency I use at work, a very striking Afro-Caribbean girl called Nina as tall as me and slim with a great body long legs and small breasts very visible in her translucent cream blouse. 248 more words

A Bra For Every Size!

Common! You better not shy away from reading this post in front of your parents, family or boyfriend for that matter of fact! Indians have a mentality of making even the basic of things that a human body has( which every human is well aware of) to make it a taboo and not discuss in front of people. 514 more words



Hello Everyone! :D

Today’s post is on Breasticles, Boobsssss!! Boobies!! Bobbie!! Balloon! Oranges! Tangerine, Mammary Glands etc.

The reason I decided to do a post on this is to genuinely know if size matters. 1,095 more words

March Posts

A Letter to my Boobs

Dear Boobs,

I used to struggle with you a lot. I tried to change you—morph you into these perfect size  C teardrops that you were never meant to be. 630 more words

Extra small, extra powerful

For as long as I could remember, I had body issues. I’m pear shape – smaller on top, bigger on the bottom. I’ve come to appreciate the lower half of my body because I get a lot of positive feedback about my…um, … 423 more words

The best bikini for small breasts

Celebrate your small boobs with 2014’s hottest new bikini

As I delve into my mid twenties, I have come to terms with the fact that I am no Pamela Anderson when it comes to slipping on a bathing suit. 656 more words