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Topless bath from the movie Kama Sutra

Bunch of unknown women having bath in a river from the movie Kama Sutra. One of them looses her bathing clothe and apply soap on her small breasts, slightly exposing them.

Unknown Woman from the Movie Ragaye Unusuma

මෙම දර්ශනය ලබාගෙන තියෙන්නේ, රාගයේ උණුසුම චිත්‍රපටයෙන්. මේකේ අලුත් නිලියක් ඔක්කොම බොත්තම් ටික ගලවපු blouse එකක් විතරක් ඇඳගෙන ඇඳක වාඩි වෙලා ඉන්නවා සිටිනවා. එයා blouse එකට යටින් මුකුත්ම ඇඳල නැහැ. ඒ නිසා එයාගේ


Unknown Woman from the Movie Ragaye Unusuma

මෙම චායාරූපය ලබාගෙන තියෙන්නේ, රාගයේ උණුසුම චිත්‍රපටයෙන්. මේකේඅළුත්නි ලියක් තමන්ගේ blouse එකේ බොත්තම් ඔක්කොම ගලවගෙන තන්දෙක එළියේදාගෙන ඇඳක වාඩි වෙලා ඉන්නවා. 34 more words



Had my head size measured the other day.  It’s remarkably small.  It always surprises people.  It reminded me that, throughout my life, I’ve always been concerned about having small hands, small feet.   387 more words


Why I Don't Wear Bras (Most Of The Time)

I grew up in the country side,where most days I went to school without wearing a bra. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but it was simply because some days I wore my sports bra and some days I didn’t. 244 more words

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11 Small-Breasted Women Explain Why They Love Their Little Boobs

Nina Sever When it comes to breasts, it can be easy to think that bigger is better. After all, the average size of American women’s busts have been steadily increasing, from a previous average of 34B to the new average of 36C. 19 more words