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15 Reasons Why Small Breasts Are More Beautiful #unigoss

Size doesn’t matter unless we are talking about hearts. If you can’t love your body parts, how are you going to love somebody else’s body parts? 1,219 more words


the perks of small breasts ||

I’m feeling inspired on a Wednesday afternoon, as I look back on my old article: The Perks of Small Breasts to write about why it’s good to embrace having small breasts. 710 more words


Being A Small Breasted Lady

Hello everyone! It honestly feels like ages since I last wrote on this blog. The university term has resumed and once again I am incredibly busy. 515 more words

Odd Incident

Just had a great meeting with a new rep for a contract agency I use at work, a very striking Afro-Caribbean girl called Nina as tall as me and slim with a great body long legs and small breasts very visible in her translucent cream blouse. 248 more words

A Bra For Every Size!

Common! You better not shy away from reading this post in front of your parents, family or boyfriend for that matter of fact! Indians have a mentality of making even the basic of things that a human body has( which every human is well aware of) to make it a taboo and not discuss in front of people. 514 more words



Hello Everyone! :D

Today’s post is on Breasticles, Boobsssss!! Boobies!! Bobbie!! Balloon! Oranges! Tangerine, Mammary Glands etc.

The reason I decided to do a post on this is to genuinely know if size matters. 1,095 more words

March Posts

A Letter to my Boobs

Dear Boobs,

I used to struggle with you a lot. I tried to change you—morph you into these perfect size  C teardrops that you were never meant to be. 630 more words