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Is Working from Home as Good as it Sounds?

Working from home allows you to work in a comfortable and relaxed environment, without the constant noise of ringing telephones and colleague chatter. It sounds great, doesn’t it? 843 more words

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Do you procrastinate?

Are you a stressed business owner?   Do you put things off until tomorrow because you do not want to deal with them today?  You might be a procrastinator! 343 more words

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Running a Home-Based Business

Operating a home-based business has many advantages.  You can avoid the stress of a daily commute and gain the flexibility of choosing your own clients and creating your own schedule.  343 more words

Halton Small Business Centre

4 ways to save printer ink

At the office, waste cutting equals cost cutting. By reducing the amount of supplies you use or how often you use them, you can improve your ecological footprint. 205 more words


All you need tow know about the new £1 coin

The new 12-sides coin is set to launch by The Royal Mint on 28 March 2017. 371 more words


Why should you hire an apprentice?

If you are an employer you have probably considered the pros and cons of employing an apprentice. This is something you are not alone in, as there are 1000s of companies across the UK that have taken on apprentices and seen the real benefits that they can provide.  500 more words


5 tips on SEO!

Continue reading these handy tips to start knowing more about SEO. 477 more words