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Startup Funding Options

So, you want to start a business; you have this great idea for one; or, you have a product that you want to introduce to the marketplace.   329 more words

Small Business Advice

What happens if your business plan doesn’t work?

You spent several months planning your business. But since implementation, you’ve noticed that you are not getting the results you had hoped. What do you do?   613 more words


Business 101: Where To Seek Help

Many small business owners do not have a background in business…many come from other walks of life and at some point decide to start their own venture. 573 more words

Time to Sell Your Business?

Business owners will be confronted with the decision whether to sell their businesses. True, it is a very emotional decision to make.  You conceptualized the business from the very start, built it, endured trials and tribulations,and now the thought is blooming whether to hang it all up. 521 more words

Small Business Advice

Trust the Team, Trust the Process, Trust the Vision – by Bobby Umar

We have Bobby Umar joining us today to give some valuable advice on leadership and delegation!  FYI, Bobby is holding an event in Downtown Toronto next week. 848 more words

Tips For Your Small Business

The Advantage of a Diverse Product Portfolio

Recently, I attended a conference on small business funding given by Launchpad LI.  There were three entrepreneurs on the panel who discussed various topics in establishing and funding a small business.  313 more words

Small Business Advice

Getting to the Next Level - Purchase Order Financing

You have just received a large sales order for your designs, a great opportunity for you, and you cannot possibly fill it because your small business is low on cash or below water to purchase supplies in order to fill the order.   761 more words

Small Business Advice