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"Small" business is, truly, a lie!

I first heard the ‘small business is a lie’ message from one of my favourite business personalities, Vusi Thembekwayo. This message has resonated with me for a while and it got me thinking…maybe the reason we have over 2 million SMMEs in South Africa but very few are playing in the big leagues is because we believe this notion that staying ‘small’ is okay. 321 more words

This Is How You Build Organic Brand Loyalty for Your Business

This piece originally appeared on AllBusiness.com.

Social media is an invaluable tool to help market your brand, but what good is it without a target audience? 952 more words


Fall Marketing Ideas

As summer comes to a close, keep the momentum going at your business with fresh marketing ideas for fall.

Celebrate the Holidays. With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities to offer special savings and events for your business. 202 more words

Small Business Advice

Ways to Fund Your Business

Starting and planning a business can be fun as well as a daunting experience, especially when it comes to being able to pay for all the equipment, inventory and payroll that goes along with it. 503 more words

Small Business Advice

Startup Funding Options

So, you want to start a business; you have this great idea for one; or, you have a product that you want to introduce to the marketplace.   329 more words

Small Business Advice

What happens if your business plan doesn’t work?

You spent several months planning your business. But since implementation, you’ve noticed that you are not getting the results you had hoped. What do you do?   613 more words

Halton Small Business Centre

Business 101: Where To Seek Help

Many small business owners do not have a background in business…many come from other walks of life and at some point decide to start their own venture. 573 more words