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The Advantage of a Diverse Product Portfolio

Recently, I attended a conference on small business funding given by Launchpad LI.  There were three entrepreneurs on the panel who discussed various topics in establishing and funding a small business.  313 more words

Small Business Advice

Getting to the Next Level - Purchase Order Financing

You have just received a large sales order for your designs, a great opportunity for you, and you cannot possibly fill it because your small business is low on cash or below water to purchase supplies in order to fill the order.   761 more words

Small Business Advice

A Lesson in Factoring

Do you have a lot of money your clients owe you in the form of accounts receivable? Do these invoices take time, like 60 days, to get paid?  404 more words

Small Business Advice

Make Customer Service Your Mission

Many times in my classes students often confuse a mission statement with the business description.  A mission statement communicates to the world what you as a company stand for.   462 more words

Small Business Advice

What do Venture Capitalists and Angels Have in Common?

Have you often wondered what the difference is between an Angel investor and a Venture Capitalist?  There really isn’t much difference except for the size of the investment in your business. 473 more words

Small Business Advice

Thoughts on Hiring

Recently, I came across an aspiring entrepreneur who told me that his plans for his company would include hiring many of his friends from college.  He has trust in these friends and they bring a lot to the table in the way of creativity and business acumen.  329 more words

Small Business Advice

9 Tips from Warren Buffett

One of my most favorite business icons is Warren Buffet. Many like him because he’s so successful, but he’s my favorite because he’s so willing to share and help others achieve their goals. 81 more words