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Tips on the hard work of running a business

Dear M & M: This isn’t getting any easier it seems each year I am in business it gets harder. Do you have any tips? – Janice… 366 more words

Small Business Development

Why bother goal setting?

Dear M & M: I keep hearing a lot about setting goals.  Why should I bother as a business owner? Jack

Dear Jack: Many times as a business owner (especially when you first start out) the goal is to just have enough left in the checking account at the end of the month to be able to continue to the next month. 325 more words

Small Business Development

Independent Contractors vs. Employees what's the difference?

Dear M & M: I am unclear as to whether I am classifying my workers as independent contractors or as an employee?-Bill

Dear Bill: If you’re small business uses both employees and independent contractors you may think there are few differences between them – they do the same work, have similar goals and you pay them both for their contributions. 732 more words

Small Business Development

Changing Your Money Mindset to Bring in the Big Bucks

Do you charge what you’re worth?

I get it, it’s hard—I’ve always struggled with charging my worth for my services and believing that I actually deserve that money. 482 more words

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Export Training in Manhattan, KS

Small to medium-sized businesses account for over 80% of the exporters in the state of Kansas.  This shows that export is not only for big businesses. 239 more words

Small Business Development

THE ALLASSO GROUP Authors Digital Fundamentals Certification Course for OMI

June 6, 2017 – Earlier this month the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) released their latest immersive multimedia video certification course titled: Digital Fundamentals Certification. OMI… 317 more words

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Tracking Payroll and Sales Percentages

Dear M &M: Should I track my payroll as a percentage of my sales? – Jessie

Dear Jessie: Every industry has standard financial ratios. Knowing one’s payroll and being able to link it to sales volume is key to controlling expenses. 239 more words