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Ready To Be Your Own Boss? Develop These Three Habits First.

“You’re not the boss of me!” My little 5-year-old niece said to her much older brother one day. He was telling her to stop running in the house. 738 more words

Diamond Life

RPCVs help small-time global artists enter large-scale markets

Vince Hartman knows that international artists have quality products and the business instincts to flourish.

The problem? They don’t always have viable forums to make a profit. 548 more words

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How to develop a SMART Marketing Plan

You are getting closer to putting the whole picture into focus! You now have lots of competitive intelligence at your fingertips about your ideal customer. Use this knowledge to help build your Marketing Plan and develop your marketing strategies. 210 more words

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How to find the SMART Target Customer

Your target customer is the most important key to a successful business. Creating your customer profile helps you define your customer’s needs by understanding their buying patterns (What, How, Where, and When they will buy). 293 more words

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SMART Customers and Competitors

To be a SMART and successful businessperson you must define your ideal customer, who your competitors are, and how to position yourself to the best possible advantage in your field. 446 more words

Business Start Up

7 Things to Do Differently This Year

We’re already half way through the second month of the year! I hope you’re year is off to a fantastic start. If you’ve already encountered some setbacks, have no fear – it’s never too late to start over. 568 more words

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MD Launches Initiative to Increase Access to Healthy Foods in State's “Food Deserts”


Crownsville, MD – Maryland is joining the growing movement to expand access to fresh fruits and vegetables in under-served communities known as food deserts. 273 more words

Neighborhood Revitalization