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Your Mindset is #1 Solution to a Successful Business… Here’s Why

Your mindset is what shapes your perception of your business. For instance, maybe you opened a business and you had people not support you in the past. 362 more words

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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

Dear M & M: I am thinking about starting a business. Is there a test or something I should do before I start? –Allen

Dear Allen: I am not aware of one single question or test that one could use to determine the success or failure of a business.

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Good Advice for Pre-Revenue Startups Raising Capital

Here are two big questions you’re asking yourself if you’re launching a company and looking to raise capital before you’ve generated revenue… and an answer from one seasoned Angel investor. 335 more words

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4 Reasons Your Business Is Not Growing

It’s been a long road, and you finally opened your business. Or, perhaps you are still in the beginning stages of your business. As you reflect, you have taken note that your business just isn’t growing. 927 more words

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Asset-Based Financing for non-bankable companies

In today’s heavily regulated banking market, it has been increasing difficult for small businesses to obtain financing from traditional bank sources.  There are a myriad of reasons for this, including but not limited to: 184 more words


Small Business Funding: Accelerators & Incubators

The new way to launch your start-up or early-stage company has hit the entrepreneurial landscape like a hurricane. Business Accelerators and Incubators cover the landscape as it seems that every city, state, major university and country has joined the fray of early-stage venture capital companies like Y-Combinator, DreamIt, Idealabs, and MassChallenge to help you “accelerate”  the growth of your company, or “incubate” your early-stage concept or idea. 603 more words

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By Jairus Rossi, Assistant Research Professor with CEDIK

The local food scene in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding areas is growing rapidly. It is not uncommon to see the names of farms and local products prominently displayed in food trucks, restaurants, and grocery stores. 789 more words