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IT Management: How Cloud Computing Services Can Save Your Small Businesses Time & Money

Brett Helgeson is the principal of Adopt Technologies, a cloud computing company. Helgeson worked in the construction industry and was piqued by Directrix, the company that provided his construction business with IT services. 425 more words


Company Websites: How To Hire A Webmaster With The Right Design For Your Business

You want your website to amaze visitors, or at least keep them there long enough to absorb your message, click around a bit and respond to your call to action. 486 more words


Transfer Your Technology Needs to a Qualified Consultant

In many ways, navigating the world of information technology (IT) has never been easier. Websites that once required extensive programming and development can now be created within hours using WordPress and other technologies. 429 more words

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Saving Time & Money: Company Improves Data Management Operations With Cloud-Based Computing

To streamline and improve overall operations, Louisiana-based tugboat towing company E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc. converted to a cloud-based software management system. The company offers a full range of services, including docking and undocking of large ocean vessels, other towing services and escort services, as necessary. 334 more words


As Entrepreneurs Take On Many Tasks, Writing Code Has Become An Attainable & Valuable Skill

As a business owner, you must be a generalist. You may have a specialty, a passion for some aspect of your business that drove you to launch your enterprise, but you are the one carrying the vision. 488 more words


Backups for Small Business

Every year ASE reviews some backup solutions to see if they would be a good fit for small businesses. This year 2 issues were kept in mind during the review: is an offsite solution inexpensive, and, how to better protect the data against malware like ransomware (Cryptolocker, etc…). 237 more words

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Old Vs. New: How To Evaluate Essential Technology For Your Company

Businesses will usually stick with the same technology they’ve had for a long time and often only change for two reasons. Change usually occurs when there’s something newer and shinier that has better features or what they’ve been using is no longer going to be available. 77 more words